Konnectryx - Salesforce Connector

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  • Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)
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Konnectryx Insight

  • Konnectryx automatically syncs critical data between Lightspeed and Salesforce.
  • Save valuable time and effort by keeping both systems’ data current in real time.
  • Konnectryx is the only native integration certified by both Lightspeed and Salesforce to securely and reliably sync your important data.
Improve your workflow efficiency by having your data synchronized in real time.

Extended description:

Konnectryx operates in the background to automatically sync your data between Lightspeed and Salesforce, eliminating redundant work tasks. Two-way synchronization allows you to make changes in whichever platform you want and see the updated information immediately in the other platform. Konnectryx is certified by both Lightspeed and Salesforce.

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