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The smart menu for ordering food and drinks.

me&u is simple. Guests tap phones on beacons (or scan QR codes), make orders and pay. This has helped streamline orders, maximise the customers’ experience and increase transactions by 30% on average.

Hundreds of venues have joined me&u, including Sonoma, Beach Burrito, Pablo & Rusty’s, Cross Eatery, Merivale, Solotel, Rockpool, The Portsea Hotel and Opera Bar. Get inspired by their stories with me&u and sign up today!

Other benefits include:

  • Marketing: me&u provides you with another opportunity to show off  your brand’s logo, colours and photos.
  • Synchronisation: Menu items, prices, sales and stock items synchronise with Lightspeed POS and vice versa!
  • Reporting: Get real time data on your customers’ orders, favourite items, feedback and takings.

Category: Online Ordering

Product: Restaurant