Now Book It

Integrations Now Book It
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (O-Series)
  • Video

Process table reservations, table management, events and e-gift card sales

More than 4500 venues use the one-stop restaurant reservations system throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Now Book It is an online reservation system that fully integrates with Lightspeed and your website, allowing customers to instantly get a confirmed booking instantly, with these bookings automatically populating your restaurant diary.

Other benefits:

  • Events and Ticketing – Maximise revenue on important days, such as Valentine’s and Mothers day, by creating events and allowing guests to customise their experience.
  • E-Gift Cards – Sell Gift Cards via your website or our exclusive partners’ websites. These can be easily redeemed or partially redeemed via Lightspeed.
  • CRM – Purchase history, visitation, profiles, and spend history are aligned to each guest, allowing venues to create richer experiences.
  • Upsell – Increase your average spend by up to 35% with our Upsell feature, allowing guests to curate their own experiences
  • Standby and Waitlist – Notify guests via text when their table is ready and manage the queue out the door with our waitlist feature.
  • Multi-Venue Features – Increase efficiencies for taking reservations with our Account booking centre, allowing a 360-degree view of all your venues.

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