Lightspeed vs Impos:
Switch to a simple but powerful POS

Quick to set up, easy to use and simple to manage.

See why hospitality venues like yours are picking Lightspeed over Impos.

Trusted by over 10,000 venues across Australia and New Zealand

Lightspeed is the largest POS provider for restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, wineries, food trucks and more.

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Top reasons customers switch from Impos to Lightspeed

Impos customers have switched to Lightspeed to get free 24/7 support, free integrations and have an intuitive POS system that is easy for staff to use. Here's why customers switch from Impos to Lightspeed.

Free 24/7 Support

Call, chat or email us anytime and work with a dedicated account manager without paying any extra.

Free integrations

Don't pay to have your systems work together. Our free integrations save you time and admin.


Our intuitive design is easy for staff to use and requires little to no training to get started.


With a cloud-based POS you have more flexibility, get real-time updates and can manage your business from anywhere.

Delivery options

Our delivery integrations make it easy for you to reach more customers, increase sales and handle delivery with ease.

Flexible payments

Reduce payments headaches with multiple integration options and the flexibility to split bills and surcharge at low rates.

Where Lightspeed stands out for ex-Impos customers

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Impos for usability

Your team will love Lightspeed's user-friendly design that makes it easy for anyone to pick up with no training required.

  • No server required
  • Intuitive design similar to using your smart phone
  • Speed up service with workflows that make service simple
  • Re-arrange on the fly with real-time updates to POS layout
Lightspeed all in one POS competitor

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Impos for support

Don't pay extra for the support you need. You'll work with an Account Manager who acts as an extension of your business, a hospitality expert who can provide advice, expertise and support.

  • 24/7 free unlimited support
  • Phone, email or chat support
  • Speak to someone in minutes
  • Get advice from hospo experts
  • Free menu build and set-up support
Lightspeed 24/7 free support competitor

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Impos for payments

Lightspeed makes payments simple and flexible. Reduce errors, save time, keep customers happy and avoid payments headaches.

  • Lower processing fees
  • Surcharging and service charges
  • Advanced bill splitting, gift cards, bar tabs and accounts
  • Direct accounting integration
Lightspeed payments competitor

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Impos for ordering and delivery

Lightspeed makes it easy to reach more customers with online ordering and delivery tools built for restaurants, cafes and bars.

  • Save time and send delivery orders straight to your POS
  • Accept online orders with no transaction fees
  • Reward your regulars and offer loyalty points in-store or online
  • Reduce admin and edit all your menus from one place
  • Understand your performance with reporting across all channels

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Impos for integrations

Lightspeed is leading the way when it comes to integrating with the systems you already use and love without paying any extra. Save time and automate admin with dozens of hospitality specific integrations.

  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Reservations
  • Team management
  • Accounting
  • and more
Lightspeed integrations competitor

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Impos for hardware

Lightspeed's cloud-based POS system allows you to run your POS on hardware that suits your business. Flexible, easy to get started and options for every budget, don't get locked in to custom hardware that gets out of date quickly.

  • Get started with hardware you already own
  • Hardware options for IOS, Android and Windows
  • No lock-in to custom hardware
  • Range of options to suit every business type

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Impos for cost

We've helped Impos customers who switched to Lightspeed save each month on plans, processing fees and integrations. Don't let hidden costs add up. Our fees are simple and transparent.

  • Plans from $0 per month
  • Low processing fees
  • Pass on fees with surcharging
  • Free integrations
  • 24/7 free support
Lightspeed no hidden costs
Lightspeed support

"Lightspeed is honestly incredible! Everything about it is so user friendly.

The customer service and support you receive as an account holder is outstanding. I have been so impressed with the whole experience and recommend it to everyone.

The account managers genuinely care about your business and want to work with you to find ways to add value to your business, it's really refreshing!"

- Isobel Galloway, Zafferino Trattoria Mediterano

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a small-single site operator is Lightspeed too advanced for my business?

Lightspeed is built for every hospitality business whether you’re a food truck or fine dining.

With Lightspeed POS you can get started for free with no lock in contracts and adapt your plan as you grow.

If all you need is a simple POS to get you started, we’d recommend our Starter plan with access to all our basic POS and inventory functionality, as well as free 24/7 support for $0 per month with Lightspeed payments.

It’s easy to get started with iPad based hardware and if you can easily add extra functionality such as online ordering and delivery as your business needs it.

Staff find our intuitive design easy to pick up with minimal to no training required and you can easily customise settings to how your business likes to work.

Check out our plans here.

What is the cost difference between Impos and Lightspeed?

Impos has modular based pricing where you pay per register and per site for access to POS and back office and then pay for additional services including support and integrations.

Impos also requires set up, installation and configuration costs.

Lightspeed has packages based to suit your business with 24/7 unlimited support and integrations included for free, always. We also provide free menu creation and account set up, to make it easy and cost effective to get started.

How much does Lightspeed charge per transaction?

Lightspeed processing fees range from 1.1%-1.5% depending on your POS plan compared to Impos' 1.1-1.8%

Lightspeed also offers surcharging with the ability to pass both the surcharge onto your customers.

Impos uses custom hardware, what hardware does Lightspeed use?

Lightspeed POS system is flexible and let’s you use a wide range of hardware. Our software runs on IOS, Android or windows so you can use what you already have or buy the hardware that suits your business.

See our hardware bundles and options here.

Is Impos or Lightspeed easier to use?

Lightspeed is easy to use, with little to no training required.

As Lightspeed is designed to function similar to the way a modern smart phone does, our customers who have switched from Impos have found it much easier to pick up without any training and quicker to do the tasks they need to get done.

How can I get started with Lightspeed?

Getting started with Lightspeed is quick and easy. Speak to one of our experts and they can get you set up. Our support team can help with set up and menu build and express ship any hardware you require.

Does someone need to come on-site to set up Lightspeed?

Lightspeed is simple to set up and easy to use. There’s no need for someone to come onsite to set up which means you can get started straight away. Our team is available in minutes via the phone or live chat to help with any questions if you get stuck.

Which products does Lightspeed integrate with?

Lightspeed has an extensive library of free integrations to ensure all your systems work together from accounting to delivery to payroll. You can check out our integrations here.

How will Lightspeed support my business as it grows?

Lightspeed is built for every type of hospitality business with flexible plans to make it easy to adapt what you need as your business changes or grows.

Every account will work with an account manager who will provide advice, support and expertise and can act as an extension of your team as your business evolves.

We're here to support you grow.

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