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The highest standard point of sale technology for the highest quality service, shift after shift.

Restaurant Lawrence

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Your staff,<br>ready to work. Faster.

Simple menu creation

Your staff,
ready to work. Faster.

Build your menu by uploading images and your staff is ready to go. By arming employees with an intuitive and complete system, they’re ready to take orders their first day on the job.

Out of sight,<br>not out of mind

Data accessibility

Out of sight,
not out of mind

You don’t need to be in your restaurant to access your information. Whether at home or on the road, simply login into your POS from your tablet or even your phone.

Simplify ordering<br>and payment taking

Tableside ordering

Simplify ordering
and payment taking

Speed up wait times, increase table turnover, move around table layouts and split bills. Give your customers the best possible service, every time they visit.