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Lightspeed vs. Touchbistro:
The complete POS comparison

Here's a detailed list of the key features you need in a point of sale. Check out a side-by-side analysis of all contenders to see why Lightspeed remains the #1 choice among serious restaurateurs.

Why ex-TouchBistro customers made the switch to Lightspeed

Our system lets you work from anywhere

TouchBistro limits you to an in-house iPad. Lightspeed lets you access your sales and customer data from any Mac, PC, iPad or tablet wherever you go.

We support you, around the clock

Unlike TouchBistro, Lightspeed sticks with you every step of the way. Get unlimited personalized training included with any purchase.

We have 10+ years of POS experience

TouchBistro is five years behind us in experience. Backed by happy customers in 100+ countries; you simply can't go wrong with Lightspeed.

Try Lightspeed for free

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Kounta is now Lightspeed

Loved by over 10,000 great venues across Australia and New Zealand and supported by the same team of passionate hospo experts, our industry's most trusted POS is now powered by Lightspeed. It's business as usual, only better.

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