A bookstore POS to help you better manage your business

Web-based retail software for your bookstore that's extremely quick to set-up and very easy to use.

Bookstore Point of Sale

Our bookstore POS system provides you with a user-friendly, straightforward way to manage your store, no matter how vast your selection of books. Track sales to keep up with what your customers are reading, create purchase orders and special orders and view a variety of in-depth reports on your store’s performance right from your POS dashboard.

Keep books on your shelves with ease

Managing your stock is easier than ever with our bookstore inventory system. Add, edit or remove items in seconds, or import your entire existing catalogue. Use tags to sort your inventory by author, genre, cover type or any way you see fit to gain a complete overview of your stock.

See what’s going on in your bookstore

Choose from dozens of advanced reports to get in-depth views of your bestsellers, peak store performance hours and much more. Our bookstore POS is cloud-based, so you can access your data at any time, from anywhere. Make better decisions and take your bookstore where you want it to go.

Simplify your ordering process

Save time by adding items from multiple vendors into a single order. Add special orders onto your purchase orders and track everything directly from your bookstore POS. This means that if a customer is looking for a book you don’t currently have in stock, you can add it on to your regular order, no hassle.

Engage with book lovers

Quickly create customer profiles in your bookstore POS that include contact info, sales history, the types of books they prefer, and more. With a range of customer details, you can offer special rebates and you’ll know who to target for specific store promotions.

Enjoy cloud-based convenience

With a cloud-based bookstore POS solution, you’ll have access to all of your store’s information no matter where you are. Give your staff the flexibility to check stock availability, order statuses and more without leaving the customer’s side as they shop, or view any aspect of your store and staff performance while you’re on the go.

Spend less time in the back office

Our POS works with dozens of apps and integrations designed to simplify and enhance the way you do business. From customer loyalty and email marketing to accounting and payment processing, let your bookstore POS carry some of the workload for you.

An omnichannel bookstore POS

Take your bookstore online

Open your doors to the rest of the world by taking your bookstore online where you can reach new customers and keep the sales rolling in during your off hours. Manage your brick-and-mortar and online bookstore from one centralized platform. Our bookstore POS automatically syncs your online and in-store inventory and transactions so that you can grow your business, even while you sleep.

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