Manage your customer relationships

Next-level customer service

Next-level customer service

With Lightspeed Retail, customers will get a truly unique shopping experience they can’t get anywhere else.

  • Create unique customer profiles
  • Add quick notes about your shoppers
  • Assign customer statuses like VIP
  • Offer special orders and layaways
  • Use discount and promo codes for your regulars
  • Let your customer promote your store with gift cards
  • Do more with loyalty programs and integrations

Customer-facing POS

Expand the reach of your brand with a POS that has your logo and a background of your choice. Customize your receipts with promotional messages and engage with customers everywhere.

  • Show items and descriptions on an iPad
  • Impress customers with a modern device
  • Customize receipts with a logo and text
Customer-facing POS
Customer data

Customer data

Keep all customer data in your POS and learn how to keep them happy. Identify trends, shopping habits and adapt to customer demand in order to get them back into your store. Learn a customer’s lifetime value to your business and plan for the future.

  • Keep the purchase history of every customer
  • Gather demographic information
  • Never run out of your best-sellers
  • Follow shopping trends in your store

Customer centric retailing

90% of consumers research online before buying a product. Our omnichannel POS helps you take advantage of online opportunities that can really grow your business. Sell the way customers buy.

  • Sell online and in-store from a single inventory
  • Centralize all of your business data onto one platform
  • Give shoppers several touch points with your brand
  • Sell directly on social media
  • Let customers buy online and pick up in-store
Customer centric retailing

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