Acai Brothers

Acai Brothers grew their superfoods venue, super-fast, with Lightspeed

Acai Brothers is the fastest-growing superfoods franchise in Australia. In its extraordinary journey, they’ve grown from one local store to a 20-store franchise with continuing expansion across Australia – and plans to expand to the international market.

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Lightspeed Kounta POS and Insights


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Australia


Using a traditional server-based POS, their system had limited functionality and struggled to keep up with the modern demands of running a hospitality business. “The system offered no reporting, you couldn’t extract any data, the support was terrible and the machine was big and ugly.” When Sam and Ben, owners of Acai Brothers, were planning on opening a second location, they were on a hunt for a system that was smart, straightforward, and with good support.


Lightspeed offered free 24/7 support, a dedicated account manager to Acai Brothers, and an intuitive interface. The day-to-day running of the stores was streamlined which freed up time for Acai Brothers to focus on building their empire. With an integrated reporting system, Sam and Ben could easily see spikes and dips in sales across the entire Acai Brothers portfolio – and drill down on sales data over any period.

“With Lightspeed, whether you are a 15-year-old...or a 60-year-old who hasn’t used a computer, you can pick it up really easily.”

Acai Brothers grew from one store to a franchise with Lightspeed

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