búl doesn't chase fashion, they set trends

búl is innovating fast with slow fashion

Virginia Martin founded Australian womenswear brand búl on a certain philosophy - she believes each item should aim to be innovative, consistent, environmentally conscious, long-lasting and an unobtrusive, honest beauty.

She’s not interested in chasing trends in fashion, and that same attitude applies to búl’s evolution as a business too.

With three physical stores and a growing eCommerce business, Virginia turned to Lightspeed as búl’s partner in innovation.

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X-Series, Marsello



búl embraced an intuitive platform that goes beyond ‘business as usual’

  • Virginia switched búl from a clunky, legacy system that was not intuitive and caused frustrations for her staff.
  • Using Lightspeed made the team’s day to day tasks easier by simplifying processes, working seamlessly across multiple stores and website.
  • Working hand in hand with Lightspeed's support team, Virginia's staff were able to leverage the platform to suit their needs.

“I heard about Lightspeed through some friends in the industry who liked how user-friendly it is. It's really modern” says Virginia. “It was just so much easier for our staff to use that portal rather than what we were using before”.

The team were confident that dynamic challenges could be solved by a user friendly platform

  • Managing three stores and an eCommerce platform meant búl required an intuitive platform that could meet their evolving needs
  • Seamlessly integrating with Shopify and Xero, Virginia could ensure all the data was accurate
  • The seamless nature of the platform provides opportunities for the búl team to give feedback on operations and performance
  • She even uses Lightspeed for her other business, Crumpler

“Lightspeed is so much more user-friendly. Everything's really clear and easy to find” says Virginia.

“It's been a very smooth find, they all talk together really very easily. It's all sort of seamless, we really love how it speaks to everything.”

“Every now and again we just find something else that makes everything a little bit more streamlined. There's constantly changes and we are like, ‘Oh yes, that's the win’. It's evolving. It's keeping up with what's happening basically and what's needed, which is great.”

búl took advantage of Lightspeed’s Advanced Marketing to automate better customer experiences

  • By using Lightspeed’s Advanced Marketing by Marsello, búl was able to automate their marketing with loyalty programs.
  • This in turn reduced the amount of manual work the team had to do.
  • búl could now ensure their customers were always within reach with a platform they could trust

“We've used Marsello for so long now, it's worked really well” reflects Virgnia. “It's capable of doing everything that we want”.

“We do weekly EDMs, we have follow-up emails of online purchases on the online store, lots of birthday emails and then our rewards system, so it all feeds back into each other really nicely”.

“There's not too many manual things, they all speak to each other”.

Real-time data allows Virginia to keep her finger on the pulse of performance

  • In order to concentrate on the performance of her growing business Virginia utilised Lightspeed’s Advanced Reporting to see real-time performance data.
  • Using the reporter app on her phone, Virginia can quickly get insights on performance across her stores and channels.
  • Virginia is now able to easily view reports on her phone to ensure she's on top of the data.

“I'm checking it out throughout the day, every day. On my phone, I use the app” says Virginia. “It's easy to see, and it's easy to check in at any time, which is great.”

Búl is pursuing innovative new ways to grow in the apparel space

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