LA, New York, Miami

How does DASH, the Kardashian-owned boutique chain, “keep up” with their customer’s demands? At the West Hollywood outpost on Melrose – a notorious shopping mecca – customers expect a certain quality of service, so providing smooth transactions and a pleasant experience is key. With Lightspeed Retail and an iPad, the check-out process is much friendlier and more transparent than the traditional experience at a counter.

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Watch how Lightspeed is at the heart of this trend-forward business in a city where image (not to mention service and quality) is everything.

“It’s really starting to create a more intimate check-out process. When we have a big computer between us with a big desk, it doesn’t feel right,” says Retail Director Dakota DiSanto.

Building solid relationships with customers is paramount at DASH. The Dash Dolls – or sales associates – keep in touch with their customers over text, email, and with social media like Instagram. Having an iPad makes it much easier to collect emails, because customers can quickly enter information themselves.

It’s important that the DASH brand maintain an impeccable reputation, and that means everything, from customer service to having the right inventory on hand, must be executed properly and consistently.

For busy managers like Dakota, it’s important to monitor what’s going on at each store in real time. Lightspeed Retail is Cloud-based, making it easy to get a clear view of a store’s performance on the fly.

“Because we have locations in LA, New York, and Miami, I obviously can’t be at each location all the time. With Lightspeed, I have access to reports and sales – all in real time at my fingertips.”

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