Young Henrys

Young Henrys saw the Light(speed) with one source of truth for all their sales.

A Sydney-based brewery, Young Henrys has evolved from a microbrewery to a large wholesale beer and spirit distributor supplying hundreds of bars and restaurants around Australia and internationally. They also run a tasting bar in Newtown and collaborate & participate in off-site events.

Business type

Bar and Brewery

Products used

Lightspeed Kounta POS


Sydney, Australia


The two greatest struggles on their old POS system were around reports and portability. Given the nature of their business, Young Henry’s would be making sales on multiple sites – in their tasting bar and on off-premise events. And they had no easy way to report on how much was sold across the business. To make matters worse, their system was not portable so they had to rely on cash tills in a growingly cashless market.


With Lightspeed, there was no disconnect with sales. Lightspeed’s portable equipment (iPad/tablet) made it possible for all sales, regardless of the location, to be recorded on the same system. For off-premise events, staff simply had to switch on the iPad and they could start taking orders straight away. This allowed Richard, owner of Young Henrys, to see real-time reports across his business which were automatically reconciled in their accounting software.

“I can see how things are tracking...I don’t need to call anyone to find out how busy we ‘look’...I see them (the sales) straight away.”

Young Henry has the freedom to trade anywhere they like with Lightspeed.

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