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  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)
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An easy to use, tablet-based kitchen display system that helps you improve efficiency.

Fresh is a company founded and built by restaurant operators to help restaurants grow. Fresh KDS, is used daily by over 3,500 restaurant locations to increase efficiency, streamline production, and create better customer experiences.

Digitally display in-store and online orders in the kitchen

  • Bring your own device – compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
  • Easily change the position of tickets or place them on hold for later
  • Works even if your internet goes down
  • Automatically customers when their orders are ready > Label printing and bump bar support

Fresh KDS allows restaurants of all sizes to improve speed of service and order accuracy by displaying their Lightspeed POS and online orders on a tablet in the kitchen or food production area. With 6 supported order types, multiple layout options, cross-screen communication rules, and customer text messaging, Fresh KDS can be configured to match your workflow. No more lost tickets or paper waste, Fresh KDS will help you digitize your kitchen for the modern world.

Kitchen Display