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  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (O-Series)
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Connect your restaurant to 1 Million+ Aussies on the Hey You app

Let Hey You help you attract new customers to your venue, increase customer loyalty, increase order values and help you generate more orders.

Your customers will be able to send orders directly to Lightspeed and payments are transferred directly into your account.

Other benefits include:

  • Orders In One Place – Increase staff productivity by up to 30% by leveraging Hey You’s digital solution for take-away, dine-in and self-delivery.
  • Google Food Ordering – Get access to millions of customers through Hey You’s integration with Google Food Ordering.
  • Grow customer loyalty – Grow customer loyalty by up to 15% using Hey You’s Artificial Intelligence-based personalised marketing tools tailored to your customer’s buying habits.

Grow your business by going live with Hey You in under 10 minutes. Get started for free!

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