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Quivers is the leading Omnichannel Toolkit that lets brands sell products on their website while sharing the fulfillment of those orders with physical retailers. Quivers bridges the gap between online and offline shopping and helps brands increase sell-in, reduce stock-outs, and ship faster and more efficiently. The Quivers platform will improve a brand’s ecommerce performance online, letting a brand offer the very best shopping and fulfillment experience to consumers, while also maintaining a healthy, profitable B2B business.

With The Quivers Plugin for Lightspeed Retail X-Series, Quivers gives brands and retailers automated inventory management and order syncing between the two platforms. Retailers using Lightspeed POS will now be able to process orders received from Quivers directly in the Lightspeed POS interface, just like they process all their other orders.

  • Streamline Operations: Make Quivers and Lightspeed two parts of the same whole, with instant order syncing.
  • Track Sales and Shipments More Efficiently: No more manual data entry, instead focus efforts on the Lightspeed platform.
  • Keep Track of Your Inventory: Access real-time data that stays accurate, regardless of where an order is placed.
  • Keep It Simple: See all your in-store and online orders, regardless of channel, in one common interface on Lightspeed.
  • Save Time, Make Money: Forget jumping between platforms and gain more time to focus on running your business.
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