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The easiest way to manage your back-of-house.

Restoke is an AI powered, all-in-one restaurant management platform that helps teams automate routine work. Improve revenue and COGS with a fully integrated system that provides real-time insights and replaces spreadsheets and checklists.

Other benefits include:

  • Automatic Food Costing – Automatically updates food costs in response to changing supplier prices, ensuring accurate and live tracking of profit margins.
  • Stock and Inventory – Provides dynamic stock management for easy control over inventory levels and simplifies the ordering process when supplies are running low.
  • Ordering and Supplier Management – Offers comprehensive order management, automating order schedules, consolidating invoices, and helping to reduce food waste.
  • Easy Accounting – Transforms invoices into itemized lines and integrates them directly with accounting platforms, simplifying the accounting and bookkeeping process.
  • Invoice Management – Enables scanning and recording of all restaurant invoices for easy analysis and offers a Restoke email address for automatic invoice collection.
  • Team Management – Facilitates delegation of orders, stocktakes, and other tasks with an intuitive interface that ensures team members know their responsibilities.

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