Lightspeed vs Micros:
A powerful yet simple POS solution

Work with an all-in-one POS system that provides flexibility, control and customisation for restaurants, hotels and hospitality groups.

Trusted by over 10,000 venues across Australia and New Zealand

Lightspeed is the largest POS provider for restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, wineries, food trucks and more.

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Why customers switch from Micros to Lightspeed

Businesses switch to Lightspeed for dedicated and fast support, advanced customisations and constant innovation. Here's why customers switch from Micros to Lightspeed.

Fast 24/7 support

Work with a dedicated account manager and access a priority support team to speak to someone in minutes.

All-in-one system

Work with one provider for POS, payments, online ordering, delivery, marketing & loyalty, inventory and more.

In-depth reporting and BI

With POS, payments, inventory and more in one system, get more insight than ever before and tailor reports to your business.

Custom Integrations and API

Ensure your entire business works together with tailored integrations to your ERP, PMS, CRM systems and more.

Constant innovation

Offer the best guest experience with the latest tools, features and functionality you need to run your business.

Flexibility and control

Lightspeed allows you to tailor the POS to your business and gives you control over all your systems.

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Micros for support

Lightspeed believes in a POS plus people approach with a dedicated team of hospitality experts who can provide advice, expertise and support. Here's why our customers love our support:

  • 24/7 free support for your entire team
  • Phone, email or chat support in minutes
  • Dedicated customer success manager who acts as an extension of your team
  • Priority support and training for enterprise and multi-site venues
Lightspeed 24/7 free support competitor

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Micros for management

Lightspeed lets you run your business from anywhere with a simple but powerful back office that gives you flexibility, control and insight into your business

  • Edit menus, products, permissions and more from any device
  • Easily manage one or multiple sites from one place
  • Work with one provider for everything
  • Countless integrations to connect to the systems you already love
  • Live insights into every area of your business with advanced reports
Lightspeed all in one POS competitor

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Micros for reporting

Make smarter business decisions with Lightspeed's reporting and business intelligence giving you more insight than ever before into how your business is performing.

  • Access all your data in one place with POS, payments, inventory, online ordering and more in one system
  • See business vitals from anywhere across all locations with our Insights Live app
  • Create custom reports tailored to your business
  • Understand trends and benchmarks across multiple locations
  • Save time reporting with dashboards and scheduled reports

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Micros for inventory

All the tools you need to manage your kitchen from supplier orders and COGs tracking to kitchen prep and stocktakes

  • Full transparency into supplier orders with order management
  • Understand COGS, margin, wastage and more with tracking from order to prep
  • Create consistency across staff and stores with a recipe repository and batch schedules
  • Receive real-time updates on stock, sales, COGS and more
  • Streamline admin with scheduled reports and the ability to restock to par in a few clicks
Lightspeed inventory management

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Micros for payments

POS and integrated payments in one system reduces payment headaches, speeds up service and gives you more insight.

  • Access lower processing fees
  • Reduce errors and save time with integrated payments
  • Flexible surcharging and service charges
  • Advanced bill splitting, giftcards, bar tabs and accounts
  • Advanced accounting integrations
Lightspeed payments competitor

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Micros for onboarding and set up

It's easy to switch to Lightspeed, save time, money and ensure your business is set for future growth.

  • Intuitive design requires minimal training for front of house staff to start serving in minutes
  • Dedicated onboarding and training team ensure your managers and team are guided every step of the way
  • Flexible hardware options allow you to reuse suitable hardware you already have
  • Advanced integrations allow you to streamline your systems and save time and money
Lightspeed no hidden costs

Benefits of Lightspeed vs. Micros for multi locations

Easily manage multiple sites with advanced reporting, easy site customisation and fast, dedicated support.

  • Lightspeed's intuitive design requires minimal training
  • Ensure consistent quality every time with recipe repository and kitchen prep tools
  • Encourage repeat visitors with email and sms marketing, loyalty, memberships and rewards
  • Reach more customers and expand your offering with online ordering and delivery
  • Understand trends with detailed reporting across all stores, staff, products and sales
Lightspeed POS system
Lightspeed support

"Beyond its ease of function and control which are fantastic, Lightspeed is leagues above any other platform for their customer service. The Lightspeed team are a joy to work with and always help find a solution to any question".

-Ryan Butler, Lune Croissanterie

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost difference between Micros and Lightspeed?

Switching to Lightspeed can offer significant cost savings for your business. As an all-in-one POS solution that offers POS, payments, marketing, loyalty, online ordering and more you can save significantly on the subscriptions and support you need for your business.

Lightspeed also offers free unlimited 24/7 support via phone, email or chat with a dedicated customer success manager as well as countless free integrations which can reduce many of the costs you need to get your systems working together.

What is the difference in hardware between Micros and Lightspeed?

Lightspeed POS system is flexible and lets you use a wide range of hardware. Our software runs on IOS, Android or windows so you can use what you already have or buy the hardware that suits your business. This gives you flexibility and ensures you're not stuck with outdated hardware.

Micros has custom hardware that you buy outright and then purchase a warranty.

See our hardware bundles and options here.

Can Lightspeed support franchise and multi-site requirements?

We can. In fact Lightspeed was built with multi-location venues in mind which makes it easy to manage multiple sites across all your business tools and see in-depth reporting on stores, staff and sales.

Lightspeed also has a dedicated Pro Services team who work with enterprise clients to set up priority lines, offer custom integration support and much more to ensure your POS works for you and your sites.

How can I get started with Lightspeed?

Getting started with Lightspeed is quick and easy. Speak to one of our experts and they can get you set up. Our support team can help with set up and menu build and express ship any hardware you require.

Which products does Lightspeed integrate with?

Lightspeed has an extensive library of free integrations to ensure all your systems work together from accounting to delivery to payroll. You can check out our integrations here.

How will Lightspeed support my business as it grows?

Lightspeed is built for every type of hospitality business with flexible plans to make it easy to adapt what you need as your business changes or grows.

Every account will work with a dedicated customers success manager who will provide advice, support and expertise and can act as an extension of your team as your business evolves.

We're here to support you grow.

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