Opening A Business Costing Calculators

This costing template covers all essential costs from securing your location, to opening your doors. It provides a range of costs from low budgets, through to high, whether you’re opening a restaurant, cafe, or bar.

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Enabling you to accurately calculate how much money you’ll need to successfully open your restaurant, cafe, or bar, this costing template can calculate everything from the cheapest price range possible, through to the highest.

  • Customise your template by only adding the costs that apply to your business
  • Example costs of low, mid, or high range show you the cheapest possible costs, through to the highest 
  • Covers a range of costs from tying down a location, to fit out, to licences, all the way through to opening day so that you don’t miss anything vital to your opening
  • Complete with tips and resources to help you save money, and make the right choices before you spend a cent