Multi-store POS:
Multiple stores, one solution

Managing more than one store doesn’t have to mean a heavy workload. With our POS system, you will manage your entire business from a single system, simplify your processes and save precious time.
Lightspeed Retail helps store owners and their teams better manage multiple locations.

A cloud-based retail management system

A cloud-based retail management system

Multi-store retail business owners have got their hands full. They need to be in several places at one time. A cloud-based retail management system gives you the power to manage all your locations simultaneously without having to be physically present. Manage your employees, inventory and view your sales from any location. All you need is your secure login and an internet connection.

A centralized inventory
to simplify multi-store stock management

Controlling your inventory can be challenging when you have just one store, let alone several. With our retail POS, multi-store inventory control has never been easier. A centralized inventory gives you one place from which you purchase, receive and transfer stock for all your store locations.

Purchase from multiple vendors for all your locations in one go. Get the right quantity delivered to the right location.

When you receive new items, scan their barcode once to check them into your inventory, and you will be able to see them across all your stores.

Transfer stock between your stores using one system, so you’ve always got the stock you need at every location.

A POS that helps your business flourish

As you grow, easily add stores to your retail management software. Customize your individual stores as needed - sell a different range, set different sales prices and tax rules, or even set up automatic promotions for specific stores to attract the local crowd, while saving time and management costs.

Track the success of your entire business

Track the success of your entire business

With multi-store reporting, you have the information you need to run a successful multi-store business at your fingertips. Real-time reports give you insight into the performance of your business at any given time. You can check in on the status of individual stores, compare multiple store analytics or get an overview of all your locations. Customize your reports to get the exact information you need without getting bogged down in numbers.

Build customer loyalty with less work

It’s a common belief that the more stores you have, the less in-touch you are with your customers. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our POS lets you get even closer to your customers, even when you can’t meet every single one of them in person. When a customer purchases from any of your stores, their customer sales history is automatically logged in your POS. No matter your location, you have access to their information such as past purchases and preferences. This information is essential for getting to know your customers better and delivering personalized service, even as your enterprise expands.

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