Leica creates a picture-perfect customer experience with Lightspeed

The legendary Leica name is built on innovation and a tradition of excellence. Selling high-quality cameras and accessories for over 100 years, the brand opened its flagship retail store in SoHo, NYC, in 2013. The 1,500 square-foot space is also home to a must-see gallery displaying local and established artists.

Business type

Photography store, gallery

Products used

Lightspeed Retail


New York City, USA


Leica is not just a brand, it's an experience—and general manager Chris Durkin was faced with the challenge of bringing that company mantra to life. He wanted to create a space where customers didn’t feel rushed or pressured to buy when they arrived. To accomplish this, he needed a POS solution that would transform the retail floor into an interactive environment. “Leica is a high-end brand, and we believe that all our customers are high-end customers,” says Chris.


Lightspeed’s fully mobile POS solution was integral in creating the personalized experience that Chris was after. Leica now offers customers a lounge area where they can sit with employees, explore the gear and purchase on the spot—if they choose. “When we decided to open a Leica store here in SoHo, we knew we were going to get a lot of attention and a lot of visitors,” says Chris. “We like the freedom to sit down with customers and we even have a private seating area for this.”

Lightspeed for iPad benefits us hugely. Being able to sit with customers and display our products on the iPad makes the sale more personable.
Chris Durkin Leica - New York City, USA

Leica meets customers where they are with Lightspeed

Make it personal with a mobile POS.