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How can a POS system help manage your jewelry store?

How can a POS system help manage your jewelry store?

Whether you sell designer jewelry, costume ornaments or rare gemstones, you need a tool to help manage all of the moving pieces of your retail store. From vendor management to tracking stock and purchase order creation, a POS system can help you manage your jewelry store during throughout the year.

Simple discounting by category or customer group

People celebrate their happiest occasions with jewelry. Whether your customers are celebrating an engagement, a graduation or an anniversary, celebrate with them. Your POS can automatically apply discounts to any group that you select – brand, category or customer group.

Find new business opportunities with mobile POS

You can take your business wherever you can take your iPad. Whether you’re setting up a pop-up shop or attending a trade show, all you need is an internet connection to bring your entire business with you. Create purchase orders at a trade show or ring in sales at your kiosk, and run reports wherever you are.

Create and track your work orders at every stage

Fixing a watch? Restringing pearls? Engraving a ring? Your POS system can help you track your work orders, so your customers know exactly where their items are. Make your customers happier by properly managing their expectations.

Watch repair

Learn about your customers and build loyalty

Create customer profiles, keeping purchase history and personal information on hand for when you need it. Developing a new loyalty program? Take your store to the next level with the help of POS integration partners.

Simplified vendor management

Save time and cut down on paperwork. Coordinating with your vendors and creating purchase orders is faster than ever with the help of a POS system. Damaged or overstocked items can easily be returned to vendors and POs can be automatically populated with items that are running low.

Print jewelry tags and barcodes

Set up your stock quickly. Printing jewelry price tags and barcodes directly from your POS system is quick and simple.

Printing jewelry tags

Track sales, staff performance and grow your business

Track sales by sales person, register or time frame and make changes as you see fit. Learn what your busiest time periods are, what doesn’t sell and make well-informed decisions that will allow you to grow your business.

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