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Lightspeed’s Media Features – August 2023

Lightspeed’s Media Features – August 2023

During the month of August, Lightspeed has been featured in several notable publications. Lightspeed’s Managing Director of APAC, Andrew Fraser, shares insights on navigating the financial year, elevating customer service for peak seasons, and optimising customer experience in retail.

Navigating the new financial year

Andrew Fraser, Managing Director of APAC at Lightspeed, offers guidance for businesses as the new financial year commences. He highlights the importance of organised financial processes and efficient tax compliance.

Get across the six key steps to ease tax time stress. 

Elevating customer service for peak season success

As the peak shopping season approaches in Australia, Lightspeed’s Managing Director, APAC, Andrew Fraser, highlights the vital role of exceptional customer service. Fraser underscores the importance of consistency across all customer touchpoints, regular communication, personalised experiences, and efficient checkouts. These tactics collectively enhance the customer experience, fostering loyalty and positioning businesses for success, whether during the peak season or quieter periods.

The Art of Customer Experience (CX) in Retail

Lightspeed’s Managing Director, APAC, Andrew Fraser, delves into the importance of soft skills and the human touch in the retail industry, especially as Australia approaches its peak shopping season. With competition high and customer loyalty challenging to secure, Fraser emphasises the value of a strong customer experience (CX) as a unique selling point for retailers.

Fraser explains that soft skills, such as adaptability, connection, and communication, are essential for sales associates to connect with shoppers effectively. Personalisation, a crucial aspect of modern retail, can also be achieved in face-to-face interactions. Lightspeed’s technology helps streamline operations, allowing retailers to focus on the human element.

Fraser concludes that understanding the role of soft skills and the human touch can transform CX into a competitive advantage, even during periods of decreased consumer spending.

Read the full article for further insights.

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