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Lightspeed’s Media Features – September & October 2023

Lightspeed’s Media Features –  September & October 2023

In September and October, Lightspeed’s APAC Managing Director, Andrew Fraser, shares insights on enhancing customer service strategies during peak seasons and optimising retail customer experience.

Customer service in the hospitality industry

As Australian hospitality venues gear up for the peak season amid increased cost of living and rate rises, Lightspeed’s Managing Director (APAC), Andrew Fraser, emphasises the need to enhance customer service. With competition intense, the key differentiator is customer experience, stressing the importance of consistency across all channels.

The advice shared in the article includes regular communication with customers, seeking feedback, and fostering a strong connection. Andrew stresses personalisation is vital – recommending tailored experiences and an omnichannel loyalty program. The holistic approach underscores the combination of consistency, connection, personalisation, and convenience for a thriving customer experience.

Effective inventory management for retailers

Facing cautious consumer spending due to rate hikes and cost-of-living pressures, Australian retailers, both large and small, are urged to focus on effective inventory management as peak season approaches. Lightspeed’s Managing Director Andrew Fraser underscores inventory management as an opportunity to control expenses, increase revenue, tackle shrinkage, and enhance customer experience. 

The article stresses the importance of having the right products in stock, reducing overstock, and using real-time inventory data for optimal pricing strategies. Practical techniques, such as full physical counts, cycle counting, spot checking, and the ABC inventory classification system, are recommended to strike a balance between accuracy and efficiency.

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