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The Italian dining group bringing timeless recipes into the modern era

DOC Group (short for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, or Designation of Origin in English) value authentic Italian offerings above everything. They accept nothing less than a true Italian dining experience for their guests, and they can be quite strict in ensuring that these values are upheld. This is no place to ask for pineapple on your pizza. But their POS wasn’t meeting the same standards. It was outdated, bulky, and holding them back.

DOC Group found a platform worthy of their high standards in Lightspeed.

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7 venues across VIC & NSW

DOC Group + Lightspeed

DOC Group has been in operation for over 20 years, starting off life as an espresso bar in Carlton. Over this time, they have grown into a 7-venue business with more on the way.

Their POS, however, did not keep up with their ambitions. They needed to modernise and they couldn’t do that with a dated platform holding them back.

They turned to Lightspeed.

We sat down with Simone Staltari, General Manager at DOC Group, to talk about their Lightspeed experience.

At a glance

Lightspeed provides DOC Group with a modern platform for their multiple venues, an efficient payments solution and integrations with their favourite third-party apps. With Lightspeed, DOC Group was able to:

  • Improve connectivity between systems in their restaurants
  • Improve customer experience by streamlining the ordering process
  • Take faster, more accurate payments and save time during closing

DOC Group uses Lightspeed to power their business


A simple but powerful system to power every type of hospitality business.


Fast, reliable payments straight from your POS.


OpenTable (restaurant booking and table reservation platform)

New beginnings

“We were still using bricks.”

DOC Group were using an outdated legacy system that, while still popular with some of their team, was holding them back from realising their full potential and anchoring them in the past.

“Honestly, bricks everywhere and it was not working. There was no way to get a proper report out, you know. DOC has always been a successful business. Certain things were a little bit overseen. It wasn't really aligning with me.”

They took the opportunity to overhaul their operations, starting with finding the right POS for the job. A POS that could do more than just take orders, one that could start the process of modernising their entire business.

“The way we were operating wasn't really to my standards, so changes need to be applied. So we started that process of modernising everything, and that can be the POS provider.”

Building together

“We started developing the product together, and the features together. It has been quite a journey.”

It was this versatility that drew DOC Group to choose Lightspeed. The multi-faceted options available and the quality of these different aspects were clear from the beginning.

“At the start we decided to go with Lightspeed for the strength of the reporting. The Advanced Insights product reports help us to identify our key dishes and seasonal specials, including which items bring people back.”

Lightspeed worked with DOC Group to tailor their platform to suit their multiple locations, allowing them to create a product unique to their business.

“We really value the integrations that work with one another. You know, integrating with OpenTable is very good. It was a no-brainer really, changing.”

Fully connected

“It became a point of strength.”

DOC Group now had a platform where each individual part talked to each other—connected with each other, and this freed them to create the customer experience that they craved.

“If we're not responsible with the central, active iPad, then basically the other iPads communicate with that one, and everything goes through. It became a point of strength”

This connectivity translates to quicker, more efficient service, from the moment the customer walks through the doors, right up until their bill is settled.

“The connectivity with Lightspeed Payments, and being all together in one, of course made everything faster—faster and more efficient. It helps with streamlining the closing of the till and less problems reconciling everything.”

Better service

“You are always in the same spot or in the right spot.”

This efficiency gave DOC Group the ability to better manage their busy venues, dealing with the flow of customers by leaning into the ease with which their tech allowed them to operate.

“One of the main things is that we are improving the level of our service by redirecting the focus from taking the orders, right? So the eyes can be more on the customer rather than on screens and pads”

Without any of the unnecessary movements associated with the old school ways, their staff has been able to dedicate more of their time to actually helping their customers have the best experience possible, no matter how busy.

“The way you manage the flow of service is in your hands, even if you have a lot of customers coming in at once. You are always in the same spot or in the right spot. You don't have to do any movements from A to B, or from B to C, or from C to D, no.”

A final word from Simone

“Our favourite part of Lightspeed is the community; they have a dedicated, committed and passionate team of experts that stop at nothing to assist us in creating a product that helps us to achieve our goals.”

Simone Staltari, General Manager, DOC Group

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