A POS system that helps you better manage your business

A POS system tailored to your retail store

An all-in-one solution for your store

Our retail point of sale system helps you manage every aspect of your retail store. Whether you run a single or multiple location business, our cloud-based POS system can optimize your retail business, by tracking your inventory, taking care of your reporting and accounting, processing sales and managing your employees.

Rest easy with a built-in inventorymanagement software

Rest easy with a built-in inventory
management software

Speed up inventory management

With a built-in inventory management software, there’s no need to count your inventory manually. Our barcode scanning system deducts each sale from your stock in real time, so you always know how much you’re selling and whether or not you’re on track with your sales objectives. The POS system also alerts you when items are running low, so you never disappoint customers with out-of-stock items.

Simplify the
ordering process

With our retail POS system, you can streamline the ordering process by creating a single purchase order for multiple vendors. You can also establish stock reorder points to know when you should send a new order to your vendors.

Better management,
no matter the store count

Whether you have one or several stores, your data remains centralized in a single platform, enabling you to check your stock levels, reports, customer and employee information anytime, anywhere.

A POS you can take anywhere

A mobile solution adapted to your lifestyle
With a cloud-based mobile POS, you can bring your store anywhere with you by enabling it on an iPhone. Simply attach a credit card reader to your iPad to take payments on the go. Depending on your processor, you can accept all major forms of payment such as cash, debit, credit and even Apple pay.

Tailor your shop to suit your customers’ needs

Personalize your service and boost customer loyalty

With Lightspeed’s point of sale system, you can create customer profiles to which you can add your customers’ contact information, preferred brands, measurements, sizes and purchase history. You can organize your client base with tags and customer types to ensure you always target the right customers with promotions tailored to their preferences.

Stay on top of your numbers at all times

Advanced reporting for fact-based decision-making

Know your best sellers and who amongst your staff is selling the most. With an advanced reporting feature integrated to your cloud-based POS, you can easily follow your sales, costs and profits over time wherever you are. Lightspeed’s reporting capabilities help you compare the performance levels of your products, product categories and sales in order to align your purchasing decisions with customer demand.

A simple and modern-looking iPad POS

A simple and modern-looking iPad POS

Nothing like traditional bulky systems, Lightspeed’s point of sale system will add a modern touch to your retail store. Your new staff can master the user-friendly software in no time, saving you much training time and money.

Ready for a robust point of sale system?

A restaurant POS system built for your reality

A simple to use, cloud-based, restaurant management system can help you run your business, whether you operate a cafe, bar, QSR or table service establishment. Get the right tools to offer your guests the smoothest experience and superior customer service.

An iPad POS for more mobility and better service

An iPad POS for more mobility and better service

Offer memorable service to keep customers coming back for more

Eliminate order mix ups and serve customers faster by taking orders with an iPad POS and sending them directly to the kitchen. With Lightspeed’s mobile POS system, your staff can take payments wherever patrons happen to be and quickly split or combine bills.

Impress patrons with knowledgeable staff

Impress patrons with knowledgeable staff

With an iPad in hand, give your employees all the information they need to thoroughly answer any questions your guests may have, such as regarding wine pairings and even allergen information. If a customer isn’t sure what to order, your server can help them decide by showing full-screen images of your menu items on the iPad.

Offer personalized service to encourage repeat business

With our restaurant POS system, you can keep a record of your customers’ orders. Learn their favorite dishes and ask if they would like the “usual” next time! By keeping records of your customers’ orders, you can also identify your most loyal patrons and offer discounts to thank them for their business.

Robust reporting to gain insight into your business

Robust reporting to gain insight into your business

Optimize your menu for maximum profitability

Track demand trends over time using reports from your POS to determine which menu items are the most popular and which ones you can do without. By identifying the products with the lowest turnover, you can have a better idea of the menu items that should be featured on your weekly specials menu.

Make better informed business decisions

Get detailed real-time sales reports of your revenue for any category or period of time so you can track your stock levels and replenish your inventory based on real-time ordering. Our restaurant point of sale system can also create the end-of-day reports your restaurant needs to assess performance, determine table turnover and identify the areas of improvement.

Keep running regardless of your internet connection

Keep running regardless of your internet connection

In the event your internet connection goes down, our restaurant POS system offers a local server that saves all your data, so you can keep running your restaurant efficiently and reliably. Once your internet connection comes back, your saved data is pushed to the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hardware is offered with Lightspeed POS?

With its sleek and simple-to-use iPad hardware, Lightspeed’s point of sale system will give you all the necessary tools to run a successful retail business. Lightspeed offers hardware such as label printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, card swipes, and more.

Why should I switch to Lightspeed POS?

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based iPad POS system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. With an iPad in hand, your sales associates can conduct sales anywhere in your store and check if certains items are in stock, while still staying with customers. Plus, with its multi-store capability, you can view inventory levels across all locations. If you’re looking into expanding your business online, Lightspeed eCom can make your life easier with a fully integrated web store that can handle your in-store and online inventory from a single platform. Lightspeed powers more than 45 000 businesses in over 100 countries, and our clients process over $15 billion in transactions annually.

How much does Lightspeed cost?

Lightspeed POS offers several convenient pricing packages to fit your retail business needs whether you own a small, medium, or large-sized business.

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