A POS to support your growth

Easily add new locations

Investing in new real estate takes time, but adding a new location
to your POS is instant. Contact us and you’ll be ready to go.

Portable and temporary locations

From the sales floor or the sidewalk, to pop-up shops and trade shows,
our mobile POS makes it easy to set up temporary storefronts.

Centralised inventory  across multiple locations

Centralised inventory across multiple locations

Place all your orders in one shot

Easily manage purchase orders across multiple vendors and items. Benefit from preferred pricing from your suppliers by combining your shops’ purchases.

Transfer inventory between stores

Out of stock at one location, with plenty at another? Move items to keep your customers satisfied.

A cloud-based
retail platform
ready to work for you

Access reports from anywhere

Whether you’re at one of your stores or on the road, access your sales,
inventory or customer data from wherever you happen to be.

We’re here to help!

Technical support team

We can help with start-up — and as you grow, we're always available to offer tips and advice. Our support is available via live chat, phone or email.

Onboarding and partners

We offer personal onboarding sessions and work with more than 150 partners to help you run your business if you should experience difficulties.

Discover our omnichannel  experience

Discover our omnichannel experience

Save time and money, gain a better understanding
of your retail operations, boost customer satisfaction and sales.

Join the 35 000 businesses
powered by Lightspeed!


growth in your first year of use

50 000+

customers in 100+ countries


annual transactions processed


support for you anytime, anywhere