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Nothing can stop the GWS Giants

Getting more people in orange isn’t a simple feat. The GWS Giants, the youngest club in the AFL, are ironically the David staring down a hoard of Goliaths.

With the team based in the heartland of the NRL, converting and nurturing a new generation of Giants fans required a sophisticated retail program.

As Head of Customer Acquisition, Mitchell Dale trusted Lightspeed’s unified POS and Payments platform to elevate the club’s retail experience and delight the growing legion of Giants diehards.

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GWS Giants use Lightspeed’s unified POS and Payments platform

Redefining customer service with reliable Payments

“On Lightspeed Payments we're able to increase our revenue because of the speed of service.”

The Giants were previously using bank terminals, but connectivity issues with hardware delayed accepting payments during peak customer times.

Switching to Lightspeed’s unified POS and Payments allowed Mitchell’s team to increase revenue thanks to speed of service.

“On game days I haven't had to reconnect the system, which is very common in the retail space. Even walking outside with your EFTPOS terminal to put it in direct daylight to see if it connects to a signal.”

“We've been able to move between venues, move between locations and have all of that available to us without any issue.”

Accurate inventory management improves long-term customer experience

“Lightspeed Payments allows us to be more accurate.”

With a strong focus on ensuring every step of the buying journey exceeded customer expectations, Mitchell used real-time inventory management to ensure stock counts across locations were accurate to mitigate over-ordering.

“When we're transferring stock from the game day outlet back to the main outlet which services the website, we haven't got those stock transition issues where it said we had 10 items but we've sold 15 on a game day so now we can't fulfil those.”

“So being able to have that live inventory that moves between the two has been relatively strong.”

Reporting offers invaluable insights for future strategies

“Being able to track the product life cycle and the sales compared to previous years has been really strong.”

As a sporting club, the GWS Giants have products that update every season. Being able to accurately track product performance and how customers are using gift vouchers helps Mitchell understand evolving customer behaviour as the fan base grows.

“The payment report is the big one. Being able to utilise those reports to track how people are spending their money and then also compare year on year is great.”

Elevating the casual workforce to process payments without any hassle

“We can elevate our workforce to take ownership.”

With a renewed sense of confidence, Mitchell doesn’t have to oversee retail outlets 24/7. He can now trust that his team of casual workers can handle sales and promotions more efficiently.

“I'm not concerned about things going wrong, we've got a fairly strong system now. We've leveraged things like barcode scanning for promotions which allows us to track that promotion on game day at speed and make sure that things are done correctly without having issues.”

“This is going to give us more time and efficiency in our program to focus on us being able to grow the program, make greater revenue, provide greater connections to our customers, provide a better overall experience and get more people in orange.”

Mitchell Dale, Head of Customer Acquisition, GWS Giants

GWS Giants are using Lightspeed to build a club legacy.

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