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Giving the wellbeing gurus some much needed TLC

For Liz Anderson, nothing is more important than making sure customers leave a White Earth store feeling looked after. Coming from a corporate, ex-military background, Liz knows all too well that self-care can be neglected. But when it came to her own business, Liz also had to be sure to give White Earth the care it needed to help others succeed.

As her business grew, Liz partnered with Lightspeed to ensure White Earth could meet the demands of a growing, loyal customer base.

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White Earth uses Lightspeed's unified POS & Payments

POS & Payments unlocked the next step in White Earth’s growth

“I wanted to go away from the bank and to have that integration.”

With a new skincare line on the horizon, White Earth needed a POS that worked in tandem with payments to ensure smooth growth for the business. After getting a good rate for Payments, Liz trusted the Lightspeed solution to move forward.

“For it all to be integrated in the one thing and knowing the support that I had with any issues was there, that was the deciding factor,” reflects Liz. “So that's what I took and I'm really happy with it so far.”

Payments increased accuracy, creating seamless customer experiences

“It absolutely takes the error issue away.”

Imbalances in settlements was a major concern for Liz. She understood that during busy periods human error would occur, but improving accuracy was now a priority.

Once Lightspeed Payments was in place, Liz found that not only had sales accuracy improved, but it even improved the customer experience.

“You just had that terminal sitting on the counter, the computer will talk to that terminal in a second,” says Liz “When you're ready just tap on there and it’s good to go. It's really easy.”

Liz’s life became easier when inventory management automated operations

“I don't even have to think about it, it automatically happens when you're sleeping. So that's fantastic.”

Visibility of stock was another top priority for Liz, especially when balancing online orders. Previously the team was managing stock levels manually, but if stock wasn’t counted correctly it would lead to gaps in inventory.

Using Lightspeed’s POS, the inventory management becomes simplified and automated, saving the team crucial time.

“The integration between Lightspeed and our commerce site is seamless. So if we have no stock it updates that and that is brilliant.”

Analytics uplifts top products and reshaped store layouts

“It absolutely helps you analyse your highest performers and, your low performers and make decisions accordingly”

Now that she could analyse product performance in Lightspeed, Liz could even determine how merchandise placement in her stores were affecting sales.

“It helps you actually work out product placement in your store. It helps you work out if things aren't moving. You can say ‘Is there a reason why it's not working? Do we continue with that brand?’”

Improving employee performance and confidence

“I love it, I'm really, really happy with it.”

The in-store team at White Earth are a passionate crew, but many of them weren’t used to using a POS, leading to human error. But using Lightspeed has been easy for the team, who are now feeling more confident and proactive.

“The thing that I loved about the Lightspeed point of sale was it took that problem out - you just hit the button, it talked to the terminal, the customer taps and goes. It takes that element of pressure and any errors are gone.”

Building customer loyalty

“The loyalty program is terrific for giving back to our customers.”

With customer experience front of mind for Liz, leveraging Lightspeed’s Marketing & Loyalty was crucial to stimulate ongoing brand loyalty and excitement for White Earth.

“It increases your customer drive because they will come back because they get great service, and they think, ‘Well, now I’ve got some loyalty points in there too’.”

“We are looking at growing the business. Using Lightspeed’s POS and Payments has resolved many of the smaller issues that I can now focus on other areas of the business that we can grow in. Things like inventory control, customer service and giving back to the community. It's a real blessing.”

Liz Anderson, Founder, White Earth

White Earth is using Lightspeed Payments to create positive customer experiences