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11 reasons your hospitality business needs a Deputy integration

11 reasons your hospitality business needs a Deputy integration

Staffing your venue can be a struggle at the best of times and it can be compounded for each venue under your management, meaning more people to manage and the inevitable issues that accompany it.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

With the right software integration, you can say goodbye to inconsistent rosters, time-consuming payroll and poor staff communication, and say hello to a well-oiled and rewarding process and we think we’ve got just the integration to help: Deputy.

Deputy is a leading staff rostering tool that takes the long hours, guesswork and intricate balancing of everybody’s time out of rostering. In short, if you have a lot of rostering to do and you like efficiency and value, your hospitality business needs a bit of Deputy in its life.

So read on to learn how integrating Deputy into Lightspeed Restaurant can help with your staffing issues, no matter the size of your operation.

  1. Combine staff and sales data to inform your rostering
  2. See sales volume by staff member
  3. Roster your best team members at the best time
  4. Effortless scheduling, under budget
  5. It takes out the guesswork
  6. It’s easy to set up
  7. Deputy excels at staff communication
  8. Staff management on-the-go with the Deputy mobile app
  9. Contact-free clock in
  10. Payroll in minutes
  11. Deputy integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant

What does it take to run a successful business?

Hospitality veterans discuss success in the industry and technology’s role, co-presented by Deputy & FoodByUs.

1. You can combine staff and sales data to inform your rostering

Data can be a bit boring. Pouring over page upon page of numbers and figures can dull the mind and cloud decision making in favour of just getting the job done quickly.

Thankfully, Deputy does all of the boring stuff for you, leaving your mind unclouded whilst finishing the job in a lot less time.Deputy homepageDeputy combines the data for both your staff and your sales, opening up a world of possibilities when it comes to making a smarter roster. With the right data on-hand, and with the right know-how behind the analysis of that data, you’ll be able to create rosters that not only benefit your business when it comes to balancing the books, but it will benefit your team’s productivity and selling power.

Deputy ensures the right team member is rostered at the right time and in the right area to match their qualifications and expertise.

2. It shows you sales volume by staff member

Not just any old data will do, it has to be data of value.

With Deputy, you can access data on each of your team’s individual sales volumes, as well as taking into account where in your venue they were working at the time. With these two metrics, you can make informed decisions when rostering staff members and place them in areas where they will thrive.

3. Your best team members at the best time

Deputy can see into the future—sort of.

It can use your data to gauge trade levels and give you an estimate for how many, or how few, staff members you’ll likely need for any given shift. 

It’s called Smart Demand Forecasting and it’s a handy tool to use to avoid being overwhelmed via understaffing, or haemorrhaging money and having the varnish wiped off every table because you’ve rostered too many people on.

Deputy creates real-time sales graphs, and with these graphs you can compare forecasted data with actual sales figures. In turn, this allows you to identify any inefficiencies within your roster and tweak them out, optimising your staff’s schedules for peak performance. 

You’ll have your best team on-shift at the best time.

4. Effortless scheduling, under budget

Creating a roster can be a gruelling endeavour at the best of times. You’re often left wishing that there was a way for the perfect roster to come into being from thin air.

Deputy comes pretty close to granting such a wish.

It follows a set of rules based on staff coverage and sales data to create and distribute as close to a perfect roster as possible, making sure that a minimum number of staff is always met, whilst adhering to your budget.

5. It takes out the guesswork

Deputy makes building a cost-effective roster easy.

You can view your staffing costs and compare them to your trade levels in real time, giving you the ability to adjust your staffing levels and keep a healthy labour cost percentage.

Deputy’s auto scheduling analyses a number of factors to build you a roster to fit any situation.Deputy autoschedulingIt takes into account things like forecasted sales, deliveries and foot traffic, based on previous trade, to build roster templates for you to fill with your best team.

Plus, you can drag and drop to make changes, copy shifts with a click and create templates for future weeks too.

This also applies to when you need to fill an emergency gap in your roster.

Gone are the days of searching your records for an adequate replacement should one of your team call in sick. Deputy recommends qualified (and more-importantly available) replacements for you to slot in and it will notify your team of the changes, all without you picking up the phone.

6. It’s easy to set up

Deputy connects with the programs you’re already using, such as your POS—Lightspeed—and your accounting software (like Xero). From there, it gathers all of your employee’s information to quickly add your team so that you can create a fully-staffed schedule in minutes. No time wasted manually adding both important and inconsequential details, just time given back to you to spend on the areas your business needs it.

7. Deputy excels at staff communication

The key to fostering a good culture within your business is communication. Without it, things can get a little clouded and one-sided.

With Deputy, your team are regularly prompted to offer their feedback, giving you insights that you wouldn’t normally be privy to. Their insights can alert you to any issues you might not have been aware of—the kind of stuff only frontline workers can pick up on. 

Your team can rate their feelings towards individual shifts and you’ll have instant access to their feedback enabling you to take action before any issues grow too big to contain.

These insights into employee performance and morale over time can help you assess how morale is evolving over weeks or months, allowing you to proactively manage, leading to a more satisfied and motivated team.

You can also leave performance ratings for each of your staff to monitor when they excel or fall behind expectations. Come performance review season, it’s a simple click on their profile and you’ll have a fully-tracked record of their performance ready to go.

The Deputy News feed

Another means of improving communication is the Deputy News feed. Deputy news feedThis simplifies communication by giving you an easy, visible outlet for the more vital information you need to share with your team. You can send messages and videos, and receive confirmation that any important updates have been read by your staff.

8. Staff management on-the-go with the Deputy mobile app 

Deputy, of course, has a mobile app too, and it’s powerful.

The Deputy mobile app allows you and your team to manage their rosters from wherever they are. Your team can swap their shifts or apply for leave, and your managers can approve any changes to a roster directly from their own phone, all with the tap of a finger, meaning you don’t have to be on-site to make any vital changes, the power is in the palm of your hand.

9. Contact-free clock in

Deputy allows your team to clock in contact-free.

It uses facial recognition and digital time clocks to ensure that your timesheets are to-the-minute accurate. There’s also a geolocation capture so that each staff member who clocks in is exactly where they need to be.Deputy clock inPay is then automatically calculated for each shift, meaning less guesswork and less work on payroll in general.

10. Payroll in minutes

Speaking of payroll, Deputy makes it quicker than ever.

The only input needed from you is a quick review of all of the important details—the start times, breaks and finishing times—and Deputy handles the rest.

It syncs with your payroll software to connect the approved timesheets and suddenly payroll has gone from taking hours to taking minutes.

11. Deputy integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant

As if you weren’t already all-in on Deputy, an integration with Deputy is available with Lightspeed Restaurant, bringing together the best staff management program and the best POS. See what an integration with Deputy can do for your staff management today.

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