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Lightspeed’s Media Features – July 2023

Lightspeed’s Media Features – July 2023

July witnessed Lightspeed making waves across the globe, from expanding its merchant cash advance program to addressing minimum wage concerns and revolutionising hospitality tech. Below is a glimpse of Lightspeed’s presence in the news this month.

Lightspeed Capital, merchant cash advance program, expanding into new regions

Lightspeed Commerce’s move to expand its merchant cash advance program, Lightspeed Capital, into Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Quebec, has garnered attention in Retail Biz.

This expansion empowers businesses to combat rising inflation and economic uncertainties. Lightspeed Capital’s swift application process, devoid of personal credit checks, ensures working capital in as little as two days, driving growth and customer satisfaction.

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Navigating Minimum Wage increase: insights for SME owners

Dynamic Business highlights Lightspeed’s insightful guidance on navigating the 8.65% minimum wage hike impacting Australian businesses. With a focus on the retail and hospitality sectors, the article delves into the effects on profitability, strategic staffing optimisation, and efficient operational management.

The article explores Lightspeed’s unified approach to supporting businesses in mitigating the financial impact and delivering seamless customer experiences amidst economic challenges.

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Tech fusion uplifts Hospitality’s future

Global Travel Media features Lightspeed’s Managing Director, APAC, Andrew Fraser, as he discusses the transformative potential of unified technology in hospitality. 

Fraser underscores the significance of integrating tools, processes, and solutions for enhanced efficiency and guest satisfaction. Unification eradicates silos, fostering smoother operations, streamlined checkouts, and strategic decision-making, ensuring a bright future for the hospitality industry.

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