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Deliver The Ultimate Booking & Dining Experience With Lightspeed & OpenTable

Deliver The Ultimate Booking & Dining Experience With Lightspeed & OpenTable

Lightspeed and OpenTable have joined forces in Australia. By combining their powerful platforms hospitality venues are now able to delight their customers with a seamless, personalised, end-to-end booking and dining experience. In the coming months, businesses across the country will be gearing up to emerge from prolonged lockdowns, and Lightspeed’s latest integration with OpenTable will be ready to empower businesses to turn their reservations into revenue.

OpenTable is one of the world’s leading providers of online reservation platforms, enabling hospitality businesses to tap into an extensive network of diners. Integrating OpenTable with Lightspeed allows venues to accept online reservations seamlessly. When your guests arrive, you can assign them a table number from OpenTable that will automatically sync with Lightspeed POS

Ordering insights, such as what course a table is up to, is easily accessible via OpenTable’s floor plan. This enables waitstaff to manage dining journeys, so a table is never left waiting longer than necessary. Plus, in-depth dining data, like guest information and order details, automatically sync between the two systems empowering businesses to provide a personalised experience for their customers whilst improving operational efficiency for staff.

As hospitality venues across the country prepare to reopen, the partnership between Lightspeed and OpenTable will enable businesses to:

  • Get discovered by a wider audience and drive reservations for their venue. 
  • Ensure a seamless dining experience for guests by accepting bookings and assigning seats from the same system.
  • Increase table turnover with live table statuses, so waitstaff know the progress of each table in real-time.
  • Manage wait times with ease, thanks to a live table status floor plan.
  • Provide a personalised service for returning customers using dining data that syncs automatically from Lightspeed to OpenTable.
  • Capitalise on customer dining habits with valuable insights into spend per head and best-selling menu items.

As restaurants, bars, and other hospitality venues get ready to reopen their doors to dine-in customers, having a powerful reservation solution is critical to managing venue capacity and keeping track of guests to ensure they enjoy a seamless dining experience. 

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