Tambo Teddies

Lightspeed helped Tambo Teddies with a point-of-sale platform that’s reliable and easy to use

Founded in 1992, Tambo Teddies was born out of the idea to create jobs in the small town of Tambo, by making unique teddy bears from wool pelts. Each bear is unique, and the Tambo Teddies were ready for sale in February 1993.

Business type:

Toys and gifts

Customer since:



Multi-store in QLD, Australia

Tambo Teddies + Lightspeed

Tambo Teddies has two retail stores in Australia: one in Tambo, QLD and another in Toowoomba, QLD. The business makes approximately 250 bespoke bears per week, so they needed a POS platform that was affordable with better functionality to support their plans for growth.

At a glance

By utilising Lightspeed’s commerce platform Tambo Teddies were able to enhance their in-store retail experience. With Lightspeed, Tambo Teddies can now:

  • Train staff quickly and easily
  • Boost business efficiency to save time on small tasks
  • Track important metrics and make smarter decisions

Tambo Teddies uses Lightspeed Retail POS

Easy-to-use POS makes it easy to operate

“Intuitive and very simple to use.”

After having a poor experience with their previous software, Tambo Teddies decided it was time to explore other options and selected Lightspeed as their new point of sale and retail management software.

Tambo Teddies has employees of all ages, and some aren’t as tech-savvy as others. As a result, Alison Shaw, Co-Owner of Tambo Teddies, said it was essential for their new POS platform to be intuitive and easy to use for all staff members. And that’s exactly what Lightspeed offered, making it super easy to train new staff on the system.

“Our staff find Lightspeed intuitive and very simple to use.”

Boost business efficiency

“Lightspeed is assisting us with improving our business efficiencies.”

Since switching to Lightspeed, the team at Tambo Teddies has loved how the software automates various processes in the business. Lightspeed has saved them a lot of admin time, allowing Co-Owners Tammy and Alison to focus on higher-value tasks.

Track important business metrics

“We can clearly identify how much it costs to make our individual products.”

Lightspeed’s reporting capabilities have also given the business a major advantage. As Tambo Teddies orders stock six months in advance, having the right inventory performance reports enables the team to accurately forecast and make the right stock control decisions.

In addition, Lightspeed’s inventory management capabilities have been a game-changer for Tambo Teddies.

“We are really enjoying being able to manage our stock levels through Lightspeed. We’re able to manage our stock from raw materials to production and monitor input costs so we can clearly identify how much it costs to make our individual products.”

“One of the major requirements in a new system was something that would be affordable with better functionality to support our plans for growth.”

- Alison Shaw, Co-Owner, Tambo Teddies.

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