Food Cost Calculator

Your cost of goods is one of the biggest expenses in your business — right after labour cost. Try our food cost calculator for free. Punch in your desired margin, and we’ll do the rest.  

4-Step Food Cost Calculator

To balance expense, you need to set the right price on your menu. But this is no easy task. Landing on the exact price for each dish is time-consuming — weighed down with formulas and full of trial and error. That’s why we’ve created a food cost calculator that can do it for you. 

Lightspeed’s food cost calculator breaks down your menu per dish. It factors in each ingredient (primary & secondary), analyses your desired margin, and then calculates:

– Total cost of the dish
– What is the markup amount
– Your profit per sale
– How much to charge your customers

Try our food cost calculator for free here.

4-Step Food Cost Calculator