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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lightspeed Ordering?

Lightspeed Ordering is an all-in-one ordering platform that allows hospitality venues to offer a diverse range of ordering services, from QR code table orders to delivery and collection.

Who is Lightspeed Ordering for?

Any hospitality venue can benefit from Lightspeed Ordering. Accept table orders, pickups and deliveries in your POS from an online menu that’s optimised for bars, cafes and restaurants.

How much does Lightspeed Ordering cost?

Get started for just $50 per month (inc GST) plus competitive, market-leading rates of 0.8-1.8%, including tax, and businesses are encouraged to pass on the 1.6% transaction fee to customers.

Does Lightspeed Ordering work with my marketing and loyalty platform?

Yes, if you're using Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty then customers can earn loyalty points with purchases made through Lightspeed Ordering.

Does Lightspeed Ordering integrate with my existing menu and POS set-up?

Yes, good news. You can turn on the products you’d like shown to customers and turn off the products you’d like hidden from customers. You have full control in Lightspeed Back Office under Products, “Online Products”. No menu duplication, it’s all built into Lightspeed for you.

All your product photos, customer-friendly naming, descriptions and combinations are controlled in Lightspeed.

Can we create QR codes for pick-up, table ordering or delivery?

Yes. You can create your very own QR codes for your customers in-store or for your posters, flyers and menus to scan and start browsing your beautiful menus.

Can we integrate our customer profiles and product availability?

Yes. When a customer uses Lightspeed Ordering you benefit from having a seamlessly integrated system for your business.

Does Lightspeed Ordering work with my printers?

Yes. Lightspeed Ordering works seamlessly with your existing printer configuration as controlled in Lightspeed Back Office, plus it also seamlessly works with Pass-Thru Printing to auto-accept and print every order.