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Lightspeed ranked category leader in POS software by GetApp

Lightspeed ranked category leader in POS software by GetApp

GetApp, leader in making software and tech product research available to small businesses, just published their pick for the Top 25 Point of Sale solutions on the market, naming Lightspeed POS as #1!

Lightspeed POS software - category leader on GetApp

Contributing factors to our ranking as category leader include the increased Apple design compatibility of our mobile iPad app, improved transition between retail and eCommerce platforms in our omnichannel solution, as well as the addition of features such as efficiency-based import tool and robust Analytics software.

Here’s what GetApp researcher Suzie Blaszkiewicz had to say about Lightspeed:

“Lightspeed POS makes its debut in 1st place in GetApp’s new Category Leader ranking for Point of Sale software. Impressive scores of 20 for its security protocols and 17 for reviews greatly contributed to its strong overall score of 74 points. Lightspeed POS also showcases its strength with 16 points for its media presence, and 14 for its software integrations. An additional 7 points for its mobile apps helped solidify Lightspeed POS in the top spot on the POS leaderboard for this newly launched ranking.

GetApp ranking of Lightspeed POS software

As a company built on the passion and success of independent retailers, the Lightspeed team is proud to have achieved the lead position in the POS Software category. We will continue to innovate as a market leader in the POS industry and provide independent retailers with the best tool to help them grow their business.

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