Retail Online Cash Register

Flexible payments, inventory management, reports, eCommerce and more.

Lightspeed Payments sync from our POS to Tyro's terminals.

Hospitality Online Cash Register

Easy payments, order to print, sales reports, inventory and more.

Lightspeed Online Cash Register & Touch Screen POS.

Get started with Lightspeed Online Touch Screen Cash Register with just one click. It’s easy to use so you can train staff in minutes and compatible on most devices so you can start trading the same day with no additional hardware. You can even continue with business as usual when you’re offline!

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Hospitality Online Cash Register.

Online Cash Registers bring together your key business operations from the first order of the day to the close of business. Lightspeed Touch Screen POS helps you with your:

  • Service & operations: from order to print
  • Payments: no more keying errors
  • Margins: inventory, ordering & costing
  • Business integrations: accounts, delivery & more
  • Reports: sales insights & customisable reports

Retail Online Cash Register.

Online Cash Registers give you clear visibility on every aspect of your business – from the opening to the close of business. With Lightspeed Online Cash Register, you have:

  • More payment options: card, eWallet, cash
  • Inbuilt & automated inventory: know your stock instantly
  • One-click reports: understand your sales trends
  • Business integrations: Tanda, Mailchimp & more
  • eCommerce platform: go digital with ease

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Accept all payment types: cash, card, eWallet & more.

Enhance your customers’ experience with a seamless payment process from your Touch Screen POS.

Offer your customers multiple payment options (card, cash, eWallet) and accommodate requests (like split bills and returns). With the option of sending digital receipts, you can also continue to grow your database.

Use your Online Cash Register to convert raw data to insightful reports.

Access your reports no matter where you are and make instant decisions.

  • Watch real-time sales transactions on your app
  • Gain immediate insights on slow moving items and offer specials
  • Never miss a beat with scheduled reports
  • Customise reports to gain different perspectives

With Lightspeed, time spent on customer searches and transactions dropped from minutes to seconds at Camilla.


Integrate with Lightspeed’s world-leading partners!

Connect your Touch Screen Cash Register with other technologies that you use in your business: Xero, Tanda, Mailchimp, me&u and more! Remove the time-consuming, error-prone and mundane tasks so you have time to focus on what matters.