Altea continues their innovative streak with Lightspeed

Bringing high quality and authentic Milan designs to Australia, Altea’s aesthetic is a blend of effortlessly stylish and attentive to detail.

With a laser focus on customer experience permeating throughout the business, Altea trusts Lightspeed as a partner to help streamline their operations.

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Altea + Lightspeed.

Keeping things simple is the name of the game for Altea’s Operations Manager Luke Colaianni.

Keeping one eye on the future and another on the present, Luke prioritises activities and processes that enables Altea’s longevity.

Altea uses Lightspeed’s all-in-one retail platform

Understanding customer trends helps to raise revenue.

“It's a lot more in-depth than just the reporting.”

Using Advanced Reporting matters a lot for a fashion retailer like Altea. With evolving fashion trends influencing customer's interests, understanding buyer behaviour in the store plays a huge role for Altea's future plans.

“We're based on customer feedback, especially in fashion. The trend can be red, then it can be purple, then it can be no top. So reporting does help infinitely in knowing the broader aspect of trends.”

With accurate real-time data on product performance, Luke can confidently set realistic targets and keep the entire organisation on the same page.

“You can quite literally see at face value what you need to improve on or what you can double down on. Which is really good. I think it helps a lot more than people may realise–it gives you an anchor point, so you know where you should be at the bare minimum.”

Unlocking better staff performance.

“Reporting helps with understanding staff performance.”

Using Advanced Reporting, Luke can see what products are moving, or if one department is pushing too much, and provide guidance to the team in store. This holistic view helps his mission to streamline the day to day operations.

“That's a big thing as we can see if they can improve in certain areas, whether they need help selling one product or whether they're pushing one department too heavily.”

Reliable payments keeps operations efficient

“There’s no margin for error.”

As an embedded system, Lightspeed Payments has kept things simple for Altea. Implementing Lightspeed Payments was a straightforward process, and Luke has found that it has made day to day operations more streamlined.

“You save time double-checking that things are right. So ultimately it's been cool to have.”

“In the long-term, Lightspeed makes it much easier, because we don't have to go to another system or another user to find out any information. It's all just a couple of clicks of a button.”

- Luke Colaianni, Operations Manager, Altea

Altea is using Lightspeed to navigate their growth

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