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Making modernisation simple for Cardross FNC

Cardross FNC runs on the might of community volunteers. With their old cash-based system not doing them any favours, club treasurer Nikki McCarthy upgraded to Lightspeed to ease the pressure on volunteers and give her much-needed visibility of the club’s finances.

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Cardross FNC + Lightspeed

Working with Lightspeed, Nikki found that the unified POS and Payments platform was not only easy to use but also resulted in less errors when adding up sales.

Cardross FNC uses Lightspeed’s unified POS and Payments platform

Ensuring payments are accurate

“There’s less errors in adding up.”

The club had been using cash for a long time, which made keeping track of revenue incredibly difficult. It also meant Nikki had to find time to take cash to the bank. After switching to Lightspeed Payments, all of the stress of manual tasks were resolved.

“It helped as I am relatively time poor,” says NIkki. “I didn’t need to chase up cash or take time off to do banking, sales are more accurate so it was much easier to do my reconciliations.”

Relieving the pressure on volunteer staff

“Lightspeed made it easier for them to follow (the sales process), there are less errors as EFTPOS was integrated.”

Volunteers who worked for the club were also having a hard time keeping track of revenue and stock control. By switching to Lightspeed’s simple and intuitive POS, volunteers now have a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

“The volunteers in the canteen and bar love it as they don’t have to add up sales, we use the pictures in the POS, so it is much easier for them.”

Modernising club operations

“Lightspeed is much quicker for sales and more user friendly.”

Ultimately, the switch to Lightspeed proved to be a boon for Cardross FNC. With a unified POS and Payments platform in place, many of Nikki’s headaches were resolved, allowing her to focus her attention on other areas of the club.

“I myself was a bit sceptical of putting it in as the club has always worked on a cash only system, but with COVID and our younger generation having accepted and moved EFTPOS on their phones or watches it was much easier.”

“I would recommend Lightspeed to other clubs in our League. It has been easy to set up and has been a big help this year for our canteen and bar Systems.”

Nikki McCarthy, Treasurer, Cardross FNC

Cardross FNC is using Lightspeed to modernise their operations.

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