Lightspeed’s POS & Payments platform powers Mezi’s growing, 5-store retail presence

Founded in 1990, Mezi is a family-run business that focuses on quality, creativity and self-expression through their handcrafted jewellery. Over 30 years later, Mezi now has a thriving eCommerce operation and has expanded to five stores across Sydney, which are all powered by Lightspeed.

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5 stores in NSW + eCommerce

Mezi + Lightspeed

As a successful multi-store operation with an eCommerce site, Mezi needed a POS platform that was user-friendly for their staff yet sophisticated enough to easily manage key aspects of the business, from payments to sales and reporting, in one centralised system.

We spoke to Lilianne Minehan, Head of Operations at Mezi, who walked us through her experience with Lightspeed.

At a glance

Lightspeed provides Mezi with a powerful POS and payments platform that’s easy to use yet constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of a large-scale retail business.

  • Easy-to-use POS makes it simple for new staff to learn and start selling
  • Inventory management tools allow easy stock transfers between stores
  • Easy set-up makes it quick to get new stores up and running
  • Advanced insights make it easy to make data-based decisions
  • Embedded payments enhance the customer experience

Mezi uses Lightspeed Retail to power their business

Easy-to-use POS

“It is very user-friendly.”

The team at Mezi love how user-friendly and easy-to-use Lightspeed is while still being an advanced platform that’s evolved to meet the needs of a growing retail business.

“We've been with Lightspeed now for maybe five or six years… Lightspeed was a bit more advanced [than our old POS]. It was very easy to use for staff members.”

“We also found [our old POS] was a bit backwards and didn't evolve. So we went on to Lightspeed, and we've loved it so far.”

Having such a user-friendly platform has also meant training new staff on the POS has been a breeze.

“The new staff that come through, it's very easy to train on them Lightspeed, and if there are any questions they have, it's a simple phone call, either with me or another team member in the office, and we run it through with them.”

“I love it. To be honest, it's very easy to use.”

Easy inventory management

“It’s been very, very easy.”

As a multi-store operation, having the ability to easily track and transfer stock between stores was imperative - something that Lightspeed has enabled Mezi to do with ease.

“As soon as we input products, it's easy to check if stores have a certain type of products. If we need to send more stock to a certain store or receive stock from a certain store, it's been very, very easy.”

Simple to set up

“No hiccups.”

One of the aspects the Mezi team love so much about Lightspeed is how easy it is to set up and get a new store up and running on the POS and payment terminals.

“It's streamlined. It was just very simple to connect everything when it came to staff connecting the new store. Connecting the EFTPOS machine. Very simple.”

When asked how the team found the implementation process, Lilianne simply answered:

“Easier. Easier to implement. Easier to log in… We found it very easy to use.”

Advanced insights for business reporting

“Every day, we're checking to see what's going on with the stores.”

As a large-scale retail operation with both physical and online stores, tracking business performance through data and analytics is crucial for the team at Mezi.

“Every month we go through our reports, we take all our stores sales, inventory, payment reports, everything like.”

Transparency is also important for the team at Mezi. Management like to ensure that all staff have some level of visibility over how the business is performing, and Lightspeed’s report dashboard is great for giving staff a snapshot of what’s selling.

“On our dashboard, we have our most popular items that we sell, so it's quite easy for our staff members to look at.”

“When it comes to our staff, we make sure that they know what's happening with the sales. If we're up or down, so we use it quite a bit every day, to be honest. Every day we're checking to see what's going on with the stores.”

Using data to inform in-store promotions

“We’ll implement changes.”

Mezi also uses Lightspeed’s data and reports to inform their promotional activity in stores for big retail events like Black Friday and Christmas.

“Black Friday in-store is huge for us.”

“Our reports change every year. There’s a low. There's a high. So we definitely check on previous years and what sales we had last year. Should we change the percentage? Should we do something different? Should we do a different purchase, so we do look at that.”

“We do monitor [historical data] when it comes to big sales like that every year, even when it comes to Mother's Day, Father's Day, things like that. We're always tracking back to see our performers, even with our online stores, it’s the same situation.”

Quick and convenient embedded payments

“Very quick, efficient.”

Mezi have recently begun rolling out Lightspeed Payments across their stores, and the team love how quick and easy it is to process customer payments.

“We've just integrated the EFTPOS machines. So one or two of our stores are using [Lightspeed Payments] at the moment.”

"I was in the store a few weeks ago. I found it very easy to use, very quick, efficient... We've had no issues, to be honest with you.”

The Mezi team also loved how simple it was to get up and selling with Lightspeed Payments.

“Setting up the EFTPOS machine was so easy… It was very, very simple, very easy for us to set up. No hiccups.”

“We've been with Lightspeed now for maybe five or six years… Lightspeed was a bit more advanced [than our old POS but] it was very easy to use for staff members… I love it. To be honest, it's very easy to use.”

Lilianne Minehan, Head of Operations at Mezi

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