Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens plants seeds for their future growth

Eden Gardens operates on the simple philosophy of “enriching people's lives with plants”.

With that customer-focused vision, the team at Eden Gardens needed a platform that was reliable and fast to take their business to the next level.

As they revamped their entire system, Eden Gardens trusted Lightspeed to be the foundation for their future growth.

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Eden Gardens + Lightspeed

Mael Dolez-Jacques, who manages customer service and operations, wanted a platform that could evolve with Eden Gardens’ needs. As he transitioned to Lightspeed, Mael chose to first use Lightspeed’s Restaurant platform.

“This project kicked off originally with the implementation of Lightspeed at our restaurant. This implementation was the testing phase for us”.

With Lightspeed a success for the restaurant, Mael rolled out Lightspeed for the retail side of the business.

Eden Gardens uses Lightspeed’s all-in-one retail commerce platform

A flexible cloud-based platform that evolves with the business

"It's extremely flexible with all the add-ons that it's offering.”

Eden Gardens’ old platform was not able to keep up with their evolving needs. Since Lightspeed is cloud-based, Mael could use other integrations to make Lightspeed work to their exact specifications.

“Things are evolving all the time here. Our previous software was not really integrating well with our CRM or our inventory. We spent a lot of time following paperwork procedures trying to have some sort of processes in place to counter the fact that our software was not doing like other things."

“Lightspeed is cloud-based and it's a plug and play type of software."

“That's what we needed, we needed more flexibility, we needed to rely less on a third-party software company to develop our own software. Lightspeed does it perfectly.”

“Lightspeed has simplified the operation and just resolved the need for troubleshooting in the first place because there are no issues happening.”

Mael Dolez-Jacques, Customer Service Manager, Eden Gardens

Payments was easy to set up and smooth to run

“I'm not even kidding, it took me 30 seconds to set up.”

Eden Gardens had been using bank terminals for payments for 18 years. However, as Eden Gardens' operations evolved the bank terminals were not good enough, resulting in bad customer experiences.

Mael was confident Lightspeed Payments would work because it's all part of the same system. He even connected the terminals himself. Even when he needed help, he spoke to the support team in live chat and got the answer he needed immediately.

“I was confident that the system would work well because it's an in the house type of system like a payment system. So the integration would be fairly straightforward.”

“That was the case the moment we implemented the Lightspeed Payments. I remember I connected the terminals myself. I didn't even reach out to our IT consultant.”

A user-friendly system that improved staff happiness

“Lightspeed makes it way more user-friendly.”

Using Lightspeed has reduced staff anxiety, who would be under pressure in front of customers when the old system wouldn’t perform. Not only has it been incredibly easy to train staff on Lightspeed, Mael can even support staff remotely in real-time if they need help.

“With Lightspeed, now we focus less time on the system itself. It's very intuitive and the training itself has been amazing because the team members just spend 10 minutes on the iPad and it's all there.”

“We show them once and then they understand immediately, whereas before we would spend a lot of time training, repeating again.”

Fine-tuning promotions with Marketing & Loyalty

“Lightspeed gives me 10 different options because it integrates so well with other systems as well.”

Promotions is where Lightspeed has provided the biggest impact for Eden Gardens. Their old system was clunky and inefficient. Lightspeed's Marketing & Loyalty gives Eden Gardens more flexibility for their promotional campaigns.

Using Lightspeed’s Marketing & Loyalty, Eden Gardens has many more options available to enhance their promotion campaigns and nurture customer loyalty.

“When we organise a delivery, we collect the information on the POS which goes to Marsello. Marsello will use this information and it will categorise the customers in different groups. From there, we can decide to advertise for a certain group of people.”

“I would definitely recommend Lightspeed to anyone who is interested in a system that just works. You implement it, you add your database, you add your product and you're ready to trade almost immediately.”

Mael Dolez-Jacques, Customer Service Manager, Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens is using Lightspeed to grow to new heights.

Learn more about Lightpseed’s combined POS and payments platform.