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Get an in-depth breakdown of your recipes’ costs. From individual ingredients, to COGS, to profit margins and a recommended menu price. – be across every aspect of your recipes.

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Giving you insights into your recipes with details of each individual ingredient’s cost, the ability to toggle your COGS %, add your recipe steps and a photo of the plating. This cost calculator is fully-formatted for easy printing so you can keep your recipes at-hand in the kitchen.

  • Choose your COGS % costs to see your gross margin and a recommended minimum price
  • Keep consistency regardless of who’s working by including step-by-step instructions and plating up photos for every recipe
  • Ready to print and keep in the kitchen for quick and easy access mid-shift
  • Create a database of recipes for any time of year by assigning which season your recipes are from

The recipe calculator is produced on a Google Sheet to make it compatible to all users. Please ensure you’re logged in to your Google Account to access the resource.

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