The most advanced (and 100% free) restaurant marketing guide available on the web

The most advanced (and 100% free) restaurant marketing guide available on the web

To help you build a winning restaurant marketing strategy, we surveyed the top 100 restaurateurs in North America and got them to share their secrets.

The landscape of small business marketing has changed, and while restaurants face new challenges, they also have access to new opportunities. Learn the latest, from social media trends and technology, to traditional tricks that haven’t lost their magic. We’ll also pay special attention to how to make the most of what you have, while building a strong brand. Additionally, we will look at what to avoid, including which new marketing methods aren’t worth the hype. Here are a few of our tips:

Tip 1: A Strong Online Presence
Google is the new, free restaurant guide for anyone with an internet connection. Today’s diner turns to search engines and online maps when they look for somewhere to eat, or to choose a venue for their special event. Since virtually every person has access to a computer, a tablet or a smart phone, no business can ignore this marketing revolution. By not maintaining a web presence, or having a web page that plays poorly with search engines, you might as well be invisible.

Tip 2: A Solid Social Media Foundation
Social media refers to online based communities through web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, as well as other participatory online communities. Most major brands use them as part of their marketing strategy and it’s great for getting noticed in your community, collecting feedback and responding to what your customers are really thinking.

Tip 3: The Right Way to Do Contests
Contests are a traditional way to do marketing that’s been given a very modern facelift. They are particularly great for letting you gather data about your customers and getting them engaged and interested in your brand and services.

For more tips and a full version on how to build a winning restaurant marketing strategy, download our whitepaper…