Retail Cloud POS System

Retail Cloud POS

Payments, inventory, reporting, eCommerce, accounting and more.

Hospitality Cloud POS

Order to print, payments, reports & inventory, recipe costing and more.

Lightspeed Cloud-based POS System.

Cloud point of sale systems are online software to process transactions and manage operations from anywhere with an internet connection. A Cloud-based POS system can allow businesses to view and update reports and inventory data online.

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Hospitality Cloud POS System.

Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems help you manage your hospitality business. With Lightspeed Cloud POS, you will:

  • Improve workflows: order to print, table management & more
  • Minimise payment errors: no double handling of data
  • Manage margins & costs: inventory, ordering & tracking wastage
  • Save time with key integrations: accounting, delivery & more
  • Understand sales insights: one-click reports, real-time data

Retail Cloud POS System.

Cloud-based POS systems give you full visibility on every aspect of your business. With Lightspeed Cloud POS, you can:

  • Offer more payment options: cash, card, eWallet
  • Organise & understand your inventory: from dead stock to reordering
  • Access one-click reports: understand your sales patterns
  • Integrate with other tools: Tanda, Mailchimp & more
  • Start selling online: quick & easy eCommerce solutions

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Quick & easy payments with no keying errors.

Use your Cloud-based POS System to accommodate different modes of payments and requests.

  • Offer different payment options
  • Sync POS to EFTPOS to prevent keying errors
  • Adjust bills: apply surcharges/discounts, split bills, manage returns
  • Offer digital receipts and grow customer database

Generate intelligent reports with Cloud POS – convert data to insights.

Cloud-based POS Systems don't just store data in the cloud, they also convert data to actionable insights.

You can customise reports to make informed decisions, gain insights on best-selling/slow moving items and deep dive to find new perspectives to increase margins and profits.

"Lightspeed has saved us time and money in so many areas, it works really well and is so customised that it speeds up service, transactions are fast and we sell more in peak times.”

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Streamline business operations with seamless integrations.

Remove time-consuming tasks with key business integrations. Connect your Cloud POS System to manage:

  • Accounting: MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks
  • Marketing: Mailchimp, Marsello, Goody
  • Ordering: me&u, Hey You, Bopple & more
  • Employee scheduling: Ximble, Deputy, Tanda