Aero Bowls

Aero Bowls charts the perfect trajectory

Since 2009, the team at Aero Bowls have revolutionised the sport of Lawn Bowls. With a game changing bowl design, Aero Bowls have been the preferred bowl of choice for champion bowlers. With Aero Bowls becoming internationally recognised as the bowl supplier to the sport’s top athletes, Co-Founders Walter and Sharon Jacobs needed a retail POS and Payments platform that could keep up with their business’ growth.

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Sporting Goods

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Aero Bowls + Lightspeed

Walter needed something that was simple to use, could be implemented quickly across multiple locations, and work with their existing integrations. Working with Lightspeed, he gained that and much, much more.

Aero Bowls uses Lightspeed’s unified POS and Payments platform

Lightspeed Payments is easy and enables the entire business

“It's a perfect system.”

Not only has Lightspeed Payments improved the speed of which Aero Bowls can process transactions, but Walter has found it also has stock control and reporting.

“We clear the sale instantly once we put the card on the terminal, which didn't happen previously.”

“We've also seen other improvements in the stock control and a lot more reporting we're able to get from Lightspeed very quickly. I'm amazed how it actually happens.”

First-class integrations to allows business to run smoothly

“Lightspeed combined with Xero or Shopify is pretty hard to beat.”

With Xero and Shopify integral to running Aero Bowls, the seamless integrations Lightspeed has with these platforms made Walter’s life easier and gave him more clarity on every minutia of his business.

“We're getting a lot of internet orders now, much more than we've ever had. So that eCommerce integration is fantastic. And then of course, it sends all the information to Xero.”

“Lightspeed is very sophisticated. It works perfectly.”

Walter Jacobs, Co-Founder, Aero Bowls

Advanced Reporting provides better insights when Walter needs them

I would recommend that for any retailer that wants to know what's going on in their business.”

Using Advanced Reporting, Walter now has a better understanding of how all four outlets generate revenue and how stock is moving. He’s also able to make reporting fit into his schedule, rather than spend precious time searching for data.

“The amount of reporting is fantastic now. I can see instantly what each outlet is doing and how much sales they've made that minute.”

“The whole thing is so integrated. It's incredibly easy to use over four different sales outlets with different people using it.”

Lightspeed Scanner keeps inventory accurate

“It worked absolutely seamlessly.”

Aero Bowls now uses Lightspeed’s Scanner App, allowing staff to quickly keep stock up to date and product details accurate.

“That worked absolutely seamlessly as well. So that will stop people making any errors as prices or descriptions go.”

“Lightspeed is absolutely outstanding. It really is and I think we wouldn't be able to run the business without it.”

Walter Jacobs, Co-founder, Aero Bowls

Aero Bowls is leveraging Lightspeed to grow their business

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