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Fairfield Primary School gets full marks for inventory management

Since 1997 Fairfield Primary School has hosted Art For All, a celebration of art, artists and creativity within the school and the wider community.

As the annual event continued to grow, Nicki Clark, the coordinator for Art For All, wanted to refine how the event managed hundreds of pieces of inventory to continue Art For All’s success.

That’s why she trusted Lightspeed to simplify event operations and gain a better view of performance.

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Fairfield Primary School + Lightspeed

To ensure the operations for Art For All were as smooth as possible, Nicki needed a POS that was easy for volunteers to use and could keep inventory management straightforward.

Fairfield Primary School uses Lightspeed’s powerful Retail POS

Lightspeed helps streamline and simplify operations

“It’s been a great addition.”

After a two year hiatus due to Covid, Art For All returned in 2022, with a renewed focus on removing manual tasks.

“The gallery used to record everything in a spreadsheet and then they would print it out and mark it off as they sold it,” says Nicki. “It was very manual.”

“With the new processes in Lightspeed, when the suppliers arrive, you just bring up the supplier's name and you're putting in the actual quantities that they're giving us and then we can send them a confirmation email.”

Inventory management was accurate and efficient

“I don't think another POS could have dealt with the inventory as well as Lightspeed has dealt with the inventory.”

The Art For All show featured 4,000 items from artists and suppliers. With a team of volunteers tasked with managing all of this stock, Nicki found that Lightspeed made the process much easier.

“The way that I could email the artists and the suppliers confirmation of the stock that we'd received from them was excellent.”

Volunteers could take inventory easily

“The whole process in Lightspeed of doing stocktake makes sense.”

With Art For All’s success for customers and suppliers hinging on inventory management, Lightspeed proved to be critical for the event.

“I knew that the inventory was the critical thing. Any POS can make a sale. But I really needed to be able to give good reports on inventory and make that easy for the volunteers.”

“I've got volunteers receiving all of the orders and the stocktake counting. So, it needed to be pretty simple by the time it came back to the volunteers to be doing stuff.”

“As an inventory management tool it’s an excellent POS.”

Nicki Clark, Art For All Coordinator, Fairfield Primary School

Fairfield Primary School is using Lightspeed to make

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