Makalu Fashion

Makalu Fashion is where the outback meets style

Amongst the wild and picturesque backdrop of Katherine, NT, is Makalu Fashion. With a clothing range that matches the vibrant town, Makalu is drawing customers from both tourists and locals.

As the business continued to grow Makalu Fashion’s Director, Dinesh Lamichhane, decided he needed a retail POS that would make management of sales and inventory data as easy as possible.

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Apparel store

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Makalu Fashion + Lightspeed

Having more control and visibility of the business was very important to Dinesh. He needed a retail platform that he could navigate easily and ensure no information got lost. That’s why he trusted Lightspeed.

Makalu Fashion uses Lightspeed’s unified POS platform

A reliable platform that always performs

“It's very easy, it never crashes.”

Dinesh wanted to ensure that not only would his new retail platform be simple to use, but it wouldn’t crash and be a hassle for his business. Thankfully, he was in safe hands with Lightspeed.

“I never have any single incident where Lightspeed crashes when I'm serving the customers. I never had any issues with it.”

Detailed sales reporting sheds light on performance

“It makes it easy.”

Using Advanced Reporting, Dinesh is able to see sales performance and drill down on the data to compare sales periods. With this level of insight Dinesh gets a clear understanding of how his business is performing, allowing him to plan for the future using accurate data.

“When I go to see the sales report, I can see how much I sold in a certain time period.”

A support team who’s always there to help

“They respond very quickly, it's such a good thing.”

When he first started using Lightspeed, Dinesh was worried he would struggle with the technology. Rest assured, he wasn’t left alone in the deep end. Working in tandem with Lightspeed’s support team, Dinesh was able to quickly learn how to use the platform and become more confident in his own abilities.

“I'm 41 years old and I was not very good at this technology. I was thinking ‘Maybe I cannot do this’–but the thing is they support me all the time. They just quickly give me the idea and help me do this. Now I'm happy and I can do everything myself.”

“I would recommend everybody to use Lightspeed.”

Dinesh Lamichhane, Director, Makalu Fashion

Makalu Fashion is using Lightspeed to elevate their business

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