The Lolly Bug

The Lolly Bug manages over 2,000 products with Lightspeed

The Lolly Bug is more than just a Blue Mountains icon. It’s a family-run business that is growing at the scale of an ambitious start-up.

In spite of a lightning storm setting fire to the store, The Lolly Bug is not only open again but has expanded to new locations.

With over 2,000 sweet treats in stock, owner Sharon Tolfer trusts Lightspeed to not only keep track of thousands of lollies, but also enhance her decision making to continue improving her business.

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Lolly Store

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The Lolly Bug + Lightspeed

With thousands of products received from suppliers, Sharon and her team needed a POS platform that would allow her to confidently manage inventory across three locations efficiently.

Working with Lightspeed since 2019, Sharon has been able to confidently manage inventory and track product performance.

The Lolly Bug uses Lightspeed’s all-in-one retail platform

Inventory tracking is made easy

“We found it fantastic for that.”

Sharon was chiefly motivated by the need for sophisticated and reliable inventory management. With over 2,000 products to manage, Sharon could rely on Lightspeed’s inventory management to give her accurate information.

“Whatever you want to know–whether you're looking up what your takings have been for the day or how a particular product is going–it's just all there on hand.”

The Scanner App allows staff to keep inventory data accurate

“It's terrific for that.”

Lightspeed’s Scanner App has been a huge boon for the team, allowing them to reconcile information in the back end with the inventory in each store. If a mistake is made on either end, the discrepancies can be resolved quickly.

“Between the three stores, we have 22 staff. This week, I've had them scan all the products to double check that the prices are correct and everything correlates.”

“Occasionally you might forget to put a price in the back end. It's great to be able to just double check that and do a stocktake with your phone–it just makes things so much quicker and easier.”

Managing inventory between multiple stores

“I find it terrific.”

Inventory would often be shared between stores, which is useful when each location has success with different products. With a holistic view of inventory and product performance through Lightspeed, Sharon is able redistribute products between stores easily.

“There can be a bit of a difference given the different locations, some things will sell better in one store and not in the other.

“So to be able to just scan those in and have them just immediately go into the inventory up in those stores is a real time saver, rather than having to do it all manually.”

The Lightspeed support team is quick to help

“I am so impressed with the support.”

With casual and part-time staff in stores, Sharon wanted to prioritise that she and her team and technical support whenever they needed it. Working in tandem with Lightspeed’s Support team, she found that she could quickly resolve any issues she had.

“I tell the girls ‘There's no point in sitting here for an hour ourselves trying to work it out because you’re just gonna get stressed; just get on the phone and give Lightspeed a call’”

“I've got to tell you, your support is fantastic. It really is.”

“I would recommend Lightspeed without a doubt.”

Sharon Tolfer, Owner, The Lady Bug

The Lolly Bug is using Lightspeed to elevate their business.

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