124 Shoes

124 Shoes step towards their future growth

Regarded for their superior curation of fine Italian footwear, 124 Shoes is equal parts sophistication and artisanal. With customer experience hard coded in the DNA of the business, Area Manager Luke Colaianni is tasked with ensuring operations can efficiently enable the team to go above and beyond for customers.

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Fashion & Apparel

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Sydney & Melbourne

124 Shoes + Lightspeed.

Luke knows that if something small goes awry, it can lead to a domino effect of problems. With a vision of growing the capabilities of the business and expanding their presence, Luke needed a retail platform that could improve efficiency and give him better visibility of the business.

124 Shoes uses Lightspeed’s all-in-one retail platform

Accurate inventory across store locations

“Maintaining accurate stock levels is the most important thing.”

Inventory management is where Lightspeed has the biggest impact for 124 Shoes. Having accurate stock data is really important for the business, particularly when the team needs to transfer stock between stores.

“Lightspeed is helping us make sure the data is as clean and as coherent and as accurate as possible.”

Reporting helps set sales goals

“It’s very big for 124 Shoes to understand what areas we need to put more effort into.”

With growth and improvement a big focus, using reporting to measure ongoing product performance is something Luke has found very useful.

“For us it's about making sure that we're improving every year and every week and every month. We can see where we're lacking in certain areas–being able to track and monitor where we can improve or where we can slow down.”

Modernising and simplifying daily operations

“Lightspeed has been very user-friendly.”

Lightspeed has been very easy to use for staff, who used to keep handwritten receipts and manual processes previously. Lightspeed has been very user-friendly which makes day-to-day operations much easier. Even someone who isn't familiar with a POS could pick it up quickly.

“It's been pretty easy and simple to integrate with most things. The back end–I would say if you don't know what you're doing, it does help. It makes it a lot easier because it tracks the basics and it'll give you a pretty clear enough indication on if you need to up it or change anything.”

“It’s a big positive. Lightspeed makes it as easy as it gets.”

- Luke Colaianni, Area Manager, 124 Shoes

124 Shoes is using Lightspeed to grow

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