Supercharge your business with Lightspeed Concierge

Tap into our team of hospitality and technical specialists to optimise your systems and processes whilst adding constant value to your business.

The key benefits of Lightspeed Concierge

Customised solutions

Every business is different which is why we can tailor our services and systems to support what your business needs.

A team that knows your business

With a dedicated account manager and detailed case history, avoid double handling or repeat conversations.

Quick resolutions

Dedicated support channels ensure over 90% of support tickets are resolved within the first interaction.

An extension of your team

Your concierge team acts as another team member, available for consultation and advice to your entire organisation.

Expert guidance

Our team are technical and hospitality experts, who understand how to improve and customise systems for businesses like yours.

Continuous improvement

We support you beyond implementation with on-going projects and reviews to continue adding value to your business.

Fast, personalised support

Work with a support team that knows your business and case history for seamless enterprise support and quick resolutions.

  • Faster response times
  • Skip the support phone queue
  • Have unlimited contacts and cases
  • Access dedicated support channels
  • 24/7 support via phone, chat or email

Customisation to power your success

Our concierge team works with you to ensure you’re equipped with the best tools and right solutions to power your business.

  • Detailed business discovery
  • Integration consultations
  • Custom workflow planning
  • Technical advice and support
  • Open API to drive customisation

Data driven decision making

Understand your business at a greater level, we work with you to build out a custom reporting suite that gives you crucial insight into your business.

  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Detailed business intelligence
  • Bring data from multiple sources together
  • Customised reports for further insight

Seamlessly transition your systems

Make updating or changing the way you work simple and efficient with in-depth support to train your team and ensure a smooth implementation.

  • Detailed transition planning
  • Implementation specialist
  • Technical installation and support
  • Personalised team and manager training
  • Library of resources and guides

Be set for continuous success

Achieve on-going success with a dedicated team and regular business reviews to ensure our team and systems are constantly adding value to your business.

  • Dedicated concierge team
  • On-going business reviews
  • Regular updates and check ins
  • Access to industry experts

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